Login to the application

  1. Enter the URL https://histlive.mithi.com/ in the browser address bar.

  2. Enter the User Id and Password & click the Login button. For the credentials, please refer the email received on Vaultastic domain provisioning.

    On the first login, you will be prompted to reset the account password. Re-login to the portal using updated password.

  3. On successful login, you can see the list of jobs already submitted by you. Each job submitted will be shown in a row. For each job, you will see information such as the Job ID, Creation and Submission Date. The Job Type column shows the type of job. In job details, you will see the source and destination parameters.

  4. The status column will show the current status of the job. 

  5. If you have not defined any job, you will see a screen as below. To define a job, refer to Add a job.