Release Notes

21st June 2024: Version

Update to the Storage Management

The storage management automation to move data from the Active Store has been upgraded to allow Vaultastic Administrators to choose either Vaultastic Open or Deep Store as a target store.

The Open Store gives faster access to data whereas the Deep Store is suitable to retain data at a lower cost.

20th June 2024: Version

Upgraded the Open Store and Deep Store applications for folder support

The Open Store 1.1 and Deep Store 1.1 applications have been released.

Using these applications, Vaultastic administrators can now create folders in the Open and Deep Stores. The applications provide support to create, delete and navigate through the folders.

For the details of the working of Open Store 1.1, refer to the Open Store Application documentation

For the details of working of Deep Store 1.1, refer to the Deep Store Application documentation


18th March 2024: Version

Enhanced Security: 2 factor authentication (2FA) with OTP for Vaultastic login

This release of Vaultastic strengthens the security by providing 2 factor authentication for Vaultastic login. Vaultastic domain admins can now configure 2FA for all or selected users of their domain who need to be provided access to the data on any of the Vaultastic Stores.

18th March 2024: Version

Improvements: E-discovery and Admin Panel interface updates

In this release, the Active Store Ediscovery and the Admin Panel interfaces were updated to fix some known issues and also to improve the usability of the applications.

The e-discovery search is now faster than ever, with a more than 5 times increase in speed for certain queries.

The search results pane can now be customized to show a expanded or collapsed view of the search results. The expanded view will show details such as the associated vaults, sender recipient and the email subject The collapsed view shows the email date and subject.

A refresh button is provided to fetch the latest mail without having to re-enter the search query or refresh the entire browser window.

The look and feel of the saved searches dialogs, upload to Ideolve and other dialogs and the view mail pane have been updated to give a cleaner and more intuitive interface.

26th July 2023: Version

New Auto Storage Management Capability

With this release,  the auto storage management capability of the solution has been advanced.

When copying data from the Active Store to the Open Store, data can now be organized in two ways.

If you choose Vault as the option, the Open Store will have a separate data file corresponding to each vault on the Active Store. Each will contain one month of data transacted by the user associated with the vault.

If you choose Domain as the option, the Open Store will have a single data file for each day of the month. The data file will contain all the emails transacted by all the users of the domain on that day.

The Domain option results in lesser storage consumption on the Open Store. 

For a detailed description of the Auto Storage Management capabilities of Vaultastic, refer to this topic.

Security Improvements

Key components used to render the user interface have been upgraded to the latest versions. 

25th April 2023: Version

New release of the Vaultastic Open Store Application

To upload data from mailboxes or drives, Vaultastic administrators had to log in to LegacyFlo and submit requests to copy the data. Similarly, to extract data from compressed files such as ZIP / PST files and also to generate the content list of the compressed files, the requests had to be submitted from the LegacyFlo interface.

The new release of Vaultastic simplifies the upload and the data operations on the Vaultastic Open Store with tighter integration with LegacyFlo.

  • Vaultastic administrators can now register the access credentials for Google Workspace, and M365, and submit requests to upload data from M365 mailboxes, OneDrive, GMail mailboxes, or GDrive from within the Open Store interface. For more details, refer to this article

  • Similarly, requests to generate content lists, extract email and copy data from a compressed file on the Open Store to the Active Store can be done from the Open Store interface. Operations allowed on different file types are listed here.

  • The LegacyFlo dashboard also lists all the LegacyFlo requests fired from the open store with the request parameters and also shows the status of the request. The instructions on using the LegacyFlo requests dashboard are given here.

Improvements to the File Upload from desktop interface 

The Open Store desktop file uploader has been improved to allow uploads of larger files and also removed the limitation of completing a file upload within one hour.

Improvements to the Open Store Audit Trails dashboard

The date selector in the Open Store Audit Trail dashboard has been updated to allow users to select an entire month. All the requests of the selected Type fired in the selected month will be displayed. 

9th March 2023: Version

Improvements to the Saved Searches interface of the Active Store eDiscovery application

  1. If you have to repeatedly look for specific patterns or want to perform an advanced search with a combination of search elements then you can use the Saved Search interface.
  2. The latest update to the application simplifies the definition and access of the Saved Search. You can now define search elements such as email ids and keywords without launching a separate query builder interface, improving the usability manifold.
  3. You can access the Saved Search interface by clicking on the down arrow next to the Quick Search edit box in the middle pane. Searches saved will be listed under the Saved Searches tab. You can add a new search by clicking the + icon next to the Quick Search edit box.

20th January 2023 : Version

New Feature to extract email from PST or ZIP files from the Vaultastic Open Store

  • Your Vaultastic Open Store is the store where you preserve email data. This is done in PST or EML ZIP files that contain the user’s email data.
  • To retrieve mail from these files required you to log in to your LegacyFlo account and fire a EML-EXTRACT or PST-EXTRACT request to extract the email and make them available for download. 
  • With this release of Vaultastic Open Store, Vaultastic domain admins can view the contents of a data file, and quickly search for and extract emails from within the PST or EML ZIP files. All without logging into your LegacyFlo account.

New LegacyFlo Requests dashboard

  • The LegacyFlo Request Dashboard application can now be used to monitor the status of extract requests fired from the Vaulastic Open Store.
  • For details on using the Open Store Extract dashboard, refer to this document

15th November 2022 : Version

New Feature for Faster Searches on Vaultastic Open Store

The Vaultastic Open store typically stores compressed packages of email (PST or EML files) and file data (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.). When you ingest this data on the Open store using LegacyFlo, a content-list (in a CSV) is also associated with each package (data) file to enlist the package contents with crucial information.

E.g., will have an associated content-list called john_july_2022_data.csv.

Until now, your IT team had to locate the package (zip/pst) file and its associated content-list (CSV) to find any email or a specific file. They had to download the CSV file, open it using a spreadsheet, and search for information using the attributes (mail and file attributes like from, to, date, subject, file name, etc.).

This multi-step search is now made much easier by giving a new tool in the Open Store application to view the contents of a package file directly in the interface, where you can browse and search for the required information.

Locate the CSV file corresponding to the package (zip/pst file) of interest to access this tool and click on the "eye" icon. This action will pop up a window in which you will be able to see the content list and also search through it.

view content of the file directly in the interface of Vaultastic Open Store

To know more about this feature and the different ways to upload and download data from the Vaultastic Open Store, refer to the topic here.

15th  Oct 2022: Version


The eDiscovery application has been updated to ensure that the search will show more results on a single page. This helps users browse the results quickly, decreasing the overall time spent in searching for data on the Active Store.

30th Sep 2022 : Version


The system now has a dedicated queue to handle customer requests for the export of data, significantly reducing the lead time to start execution of the requests, resulting in a better experience for the end users.

13th September 2022 : Version

New Feature to enhance security

One of the ways to directly upload or download files from the Vaultastic Inactive Store is to use a third-party tool such as S3Browser. To use this, you require the credentials of the bucket and folder on which your domain's Inactive Store is hosted.

Vaultastic now provides a secure way to get these credentials. Simply login to the Inactive Store App, activate and download secure access for the selected domain.

Vaultastic Open Store to enhance security "Activate"

You can also revoke the access by using the Deactivate feature 

Vaultastic Open Store New Feature to enhance security "Deactivate"

To know more about this feature and the different ways to upload and download data from the Vaultastic Open Store, refer to the topic here.

10th September 2022 : Version

New Feature

A critical security feature of Vaultastic is the audit trails maintained on the key applications of Vaultastic. The system maintains logs that record all the operations performed by authenticated users who manipulate or access data in Vaultastic.

We are happy to introduce the first dashboard in a series of dashboards that will make this information available to you. 

In this release, we have introduced the Vaultastic Inactive Store Audit Trail dashboard which will list all the delete and download operations performed by any authenticated user on a particular day. The dashboard will display critical data such as the user who performed the operation, the name of the file, and the timestamp.

Vaultastic Open Store Audit trails


The admin roles in Vaultastic have been updated. The vaultastic senior admin can download or delete files from the Inactive Store. The junior admin can only download files. Delete operation is disabled for a junior admin.

17th August 2022: Version

New Feature

Vaultastic uses LegacyFlo for the following:

  1. Storage Management Automation - to copy data from Active Sore to the Inactive Store, and to remove Active data which has been copied to the Inactive Store
  2. Remove data from the Active Store for vaults that have been deleted
  3. Full fill end user export requests from the Active Store

As a Vaultastic Domain Administrator, you can use the LegacyFlo Requests Dashboard to check the status of these requests without having to login to the LegacyFlo application.

Vaultastic Domain Administrator uses LegacyFlo Requests Dashboard

Deprecated features

To improve the security and the tracability of email flow, the email features of reply, reply all, forward and 'forward as attachment', have been removed from the eDiscovery Application that allows users to search for and operate on data in the Active Store.

The corresponding security settings in the Admin Panel used to manage the vaults on the Active Store have also been removed.

05th July 2022: Version


  • A Captcha has been added to the default login form and to the user ID validation page in forgot password to improve security.

  • The Saved or advanced query search dialog box which allows a user of the eDiscovery interface to narrow down the search has been improved as follows:

    • The addition of an Email id field allows a user to search for all mail (sent and received by a user) eliminating the need to fire two different searches for the email id as a sender and the email id as a recipient.

    • The default date range for the advance search has been set to 1 year.

    • By default, any keywords are searched in the subject and body and this is highlighted on entering or editing keywords.

  • The quick keyword search accessible from the eDiscovery interface will now search for the keywords entered in the sender, recipient, subject, body and attachment names. 

  • The queries fired on user search have been optimized for higher performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Display mail issue due to special characters in mail folder.

Deprecated features

The usage dashboard shows the day-wise storage usage. The feature to give the details of each vault on that particular date has been deprecated to improve the overall performance of the system.

19th April 2022: Version

New features

Ediscovery search - The quick and powerful search of the eDiscovery app, sometimes gave extra results as it quickly scanned the subject and the body for the keywords. Users can now narrow down the keyword search scope to include Subject, Body, or Attachment names, leading to smaller result sets for quicker action. 

Security Enhancements

The Vaultastic applications now have enhanced security features to protect from data deletion. The Inactive Store App is accessible to both Senior and Junior admins. However, only users with the Senior Admin role can now delete files from Inactive Store using the Inactive Store App.

10th February 2022: Version


The Vaultastic applications now have enhanced security features to protect from MITM attacks.

13th January 2022: Version


On deleting vaults from the Active Store using the Admin Panel, the storage associated with the Vault is automatically de-linked and deleted if no other vault refers to the same storage. This leads to simpler operations for the Vaultastic Admin.

06th January 2022: Version

New Features

Ensure compliance management with Vaultastic

Organizations need to manage the risk related to information leakage and ensure regulatory compliance about supervision and reporting of email communications:

Regular proactive audits of email communication are crucial to mitigating conduct, reputational, and financial risks.

To ensure compliance, organizations often need the help of external experts, auditors, and enforcement agencies to review potential policy violations and decide the course of action.

Vaultastic v4.6.0.0 integrates Ideolve, a team collaboration tool that can help you share critical and classified email information with external people while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the data.

This integration also enables you to manage the compliance loop from flagging (possible) violations to reviewing the objectionable content to discussing a way forward and finally resolving the breach.

Ensure compliance management with Vaultastic 4.6

For more information:

This topic explains the compliance monitoring use case in-depth and provides step-by-step instructions on setting up the integration and designing the SOPs to manage regulatory compliance.

Ensure Compliance Management with the Vaultastic + Ideolve integration

Deprecated features

The reporting feature has been deprecated. The usage dashboard should be used to get daily or monthly usage reports

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