Open Store Application Guide

Learn how to access the Vaultastic Open Storage via the application. The Vaultastic Open Store is an endless, secure, and durable file repository to preserve your business-critical data.


Access the Open Store
To log in to the Open Store application, follow the steps given below. Enter the URL https:// {Domain-name} / in the browser address bar, replacing {Domain-name} with your domain. For example, if your primary email domain is ...
File Operations using the Open Storage Application
Searching for files  To filter the results, click on Fetch Files . An advanced search pop-up will allow you to define criteria such as filename, size, and last modification date. You can search using file names . Select an operator fro...
Data Operations using the Open Store Application
Overview In addition to the File Operations of fetching, downloading, and deleting,  which can be performed on any file on the Open Store, you can also perform data operations depending on the type of the file.  Operations on files wit...