How is the calendar better in Baya V3?

With this release of Baya V3, you get a new calendar server in which the limitations of the earlier calendar server have been resolved.  
Calendar features Baya V2 Baya V3
Add calendar Yes Yes
Delete calendar Yes Yes
Share calendar Yes Yes
Subscribe to calendar Yes Yes
Email integration for invites No Yes
Sync with desktop and mobile CalDav calendars Yes Yes. Superior support
Free/busy support Yes Yes

Baya V3 integrates with a separate calendar server than the one used in Baya V2. This calendar server is an upgrade from the previous calendar and supports more CalDav clients. When switching to Baya V3, we recommend that the user's desktop and mobile clients be reconfigured to use the new calendar server. Since the Calendar from Baya V2 and V3 will not sync, users will have to export the calendar entries from Baya V2 and import to Baya V3.

My calendar does not show new events

If you have changed your SkyConnect password, then the calendars will not show new events. To see new events, select each calendar, click on the Settings icon in the bottom of the left pane and select Edit. In the dialog box, select the Authentication  tab. Enter the new password and click the Save button.