Troubleshooting configuration

How do I access the applications from mobile or desktop clients?

Configure your account in your preferred desktop client or mobile device to use the collaboration applications.To configure your mobile or desktop clients to access the collaboration applications, the online help is the best place to start. Click on Mobile or Desktop and select the application. The relevant instructions along with the credentials to use for the configuration are shared on the help screens.

Unable to login or receive emails in the account?

Did you change the password of the account recently?If you have changed the password of your account recently, application fails to fetch the mail from server. You need to Update the Password of the account on your device. Follow the steps mentioned below as per the application you are using to access your account.

What is the server name of my server?

Refer to the topic linked here.

Can I use IP address of the server instead of server name URL?

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use IP address of the server. As IP addresses are not permanent and may change in the future. So, please refer to the topic linked here to know the URL or contact to the administrator.

Unable to configure your account? Facing connection Error?

Make sure you have SSL certificate installed/enabled on your server and default ports are open for connection. 

If it is not open for connection and blocked in the Firewall connection error occurs and configuration fails.Please contact your admin to check if there is not a port issue.