Step 6: Configure a send connector on O365

  1. Navigate to the Admin CenterExchange screen
  2. Select the mail flow => connectors option
  3. Create a connector From: Office 365 To: Your organization’s email server
  4. Give a suitable Name to the connector. (The image below shows configuration for a sample domain
    Select the Turn it on check-box to enable the connector. Select Retain internal Exchange mail headers.
    Click the Next button to continue.
  5. Use this connector For email messages sent to all accepted domains in your organization
  6. To route email messages, specify the smart host name of the domain hosted on SkyConnect. Contact Mithi Customer Care for the host name to be specified.
  7. Always use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure connection from Office 365 to SkyConnect server.
  8. Confirm your settings provided and click Next to continue.
  9. To validate the connector, enter the postmaster id (postmaster@<yourdomainname>)  and test mail flow from Office 365 to SkyConnect. (The image below shows the configuration for domain
  10. On successful validation, save the connector to the list.
NoteIn case, if the SMTP connector fails to send a test email, save the connector and proceed with the next steps.