There are two types of tags in Ideolve.

  1. The first one is private tags, which are as the name suggests available only for you. Private tags help you classify notes in your own way.
  2. The second is a shared tag. When a shared tag is attached to a note, others can search for shared notes using the shared tags.

Tagging a note with a private tag

  1. Select a note, the note will appear in the Note view
  2. Click on Add a tag under the Note title
    • Enter the tag name and press the Enter key
    • Repeat to add multiple tags
  3. To delete a tag, click on the x sign next to the tag name
  4. In the note details or comments section, enter # and add a shared tag 

Tagging a note with a Shared Tag

  1. To attach a shared tag to a note, simply enter # and the tag name followed by a space anywhere in the note or comment.
  2. As you start typing, all the shared tags will be displayed. You can choose from an existing one or create a new one.