(Optional Step) Configure direct routing to Vaultastic servers


  • By default, emails from Sendgrid to Vaultastic come via the MX servers. The Spam/Virus checks are first done before being relayed to the Vaultastic servers for archival.
  • If you have Dedicated IP Addresses on your Sendgrid setup, then Vaultastic can be configured to receive mail directly, bypassing the spam/virus checks.

The steps to do so are given in the next section


1. Share the dedicated IP addresses with the Vaultastic Onboarding team at The team will whitelist these IPs.

2. Define a direct route for the Vaultastic domain on the Sendgrid Servers 

In the Settings interface, select Inbound Parse.  In the interface to Add Host and URL, enter the following parameters and Save the form

  1. Hostname: {domainprefix} For example
  2. URL: 
  3. Select SEND RAW