Preserve ex-employee data on Vaultastic Open Store


4 easy steps to upload your ex-employee data to Vaultastic Open Store (secure cloud storage with easy access and retrieval)

Step 1: Sign up for Vaultastic. Receive Vaultastic and LegacyFlo credentials. 

  • Go to and sign up for a free trial. While submitting the form, mention your primary data source and domain.

  • On submission of the form, the information will be verified. Your Vaultastic domain and a LegacyFlo account will be provisioned. Vaultastic is the data archiving platform and LegacyFlo is the data migration platform. LegacyFlo will be used to migrate data from the mailboxes and drives to the Vaultastic Open Store.

Step 2: Prime up the data source for access via LegacyFlo

  • For LegacyFlo to access the data from the primary data source, access needs to be granted. 
  • The steps to do so are documented here.

Step 3: Submit requests for data migration to LegacyFlo.

Step 4: Use Vaultastic Open Store App to view, search and extract data on demand.

  • Open the Vaultastic Open Store application

  • Search for data files using file attributes such as file name, creation date, and size.

  • View the content list of the data file (PS/ZIP). Search for required email/files

  • Extract the required data to a zip

  • Download the zip containing extracted mail/files