Migrate from Baya V2 to Baya V3 / V4

Web Client

What is the difference between Baya V2, V3, and V4?

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Which browsers are supported by Baya V2?

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How to migrate from Baya V2 to Baya V3/ V4?

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How to access Online Tour in Baya V2?

Learn how to configure your mobile or desktop clients to access the collaboration applications and experience our interactive tour of the webclient Baya.

Follow the steps given below to start the Baya quick tour

  • Navigate to the Baya application (Email/ Contacts/ Chat/ Settings )
  • Click the question mark icon on the top pane.
  • Choose the Web option to start the Baya tour for the application you are using.
  • On the pop-up page select the quick or complete tour.

How to check the Last Login Activity /Details?

Steps to check the Last Login Activity and Details
The last login details give the date, time and the IP used to login to Baya before this login.
If you find that the details look suspicious, then you can contact your system administrator to investigate further. It is also a good idea to immediately update your account password.

To check the last login activity:

  1. Load the User panel by clicking the down arrow next to your email id
  2. Click the down arrow next to the text Your account was last accessed on


How to migrate contacts from my Personal Address Book in Baya V2 to Baya V3?

Keep your personal contacts in sync and updated in Baya V3. To merge contacts stored in the Personal Address book of Baya V2, you need to export it on your machine and import in Baya V2.

Export from Baya V2

  1. Log in to your SyConnect account using Baya V2.
  2. Navigate to the Contacts application.
  3. On the left pane, select the Personal Contacts.
  4. On the top pane, click the Export contacts link.
  5. Choose the VCF format file to be exported.
  6. Download the file to your machine.
  7. Application downloads all your personal contacts in a .VCF format file.
  8. Import to Baya V3
  9. Log in to the SkyConnect account using Baya V3.
  10. Navigate to the Contacts application.
  11. On the top pane, click the Import button.
  12. Click the Choose File button.
  13. Choose the contacts file which you have downloaded recently from Baya V2.

How to Import CSV or VCF contacts list to Baya V2?

To keep your personal address book on Baya uptodate, you can use the Import address book feature.

A csv or vcard contact list exported from a third party application can be easily imported to Baya as shown below.

A. Locate and choose the type of file to be imported

  1. On the Personal Contact page, click the Import Contacts icon.

    An Import Contacts dialog box displays on the screen.

  2. Choose the type of file to be imported from the list.
  3. Click the Select File link which opens the File Upload dialog box.
  4. Locate the required csv or vcard file on your machine and click the Open button.

  5. Click the Continue button to proceed.
    Note: Application is unable to import contacts if there is mismatch in the file-format you have chosen and the format of the CSV file to be exported.
    For example:

    • You have chosen the Outlook CSV File format from the list
    • Actual CSV file on your machine is in Thunderbird CSV format (created by exporting contacts from Thunderbird).
    • When you try to import these contacts application gives a warning message saying invalid file format or considers these contacts as invalid.

B. Decide action to be taken for validated data like duplicate contacts and invalid data

Application validates all the contacts present in the csv file and provides following information.

  • Duplicate Contacts
  • Unsupported Fields
  • Invalid Contacts
Duplicate Contacts
After validation, application gives a list of duplicate contacts if found.

You can decide the action to be taken for these duplicate contacts.

Action To Be Taken On Duplicate FieldsDescription
IgnoreAll the duplicate contacts are ignored.
Update existing contact, ignoring blank fieldsExisting contacts are updated and blank fields are ignored.

For example:

  • Contact Deepa Joshi is present in Baya Address Book with details Email id:, Web Page:
  • Contact Deepa Joshi is also present in the contacts to be imported with details Email and Web Page field is blank.
  • If you choose the option Update existing contact ignoring blank fields, application updates all the details of the contact ignoring blank fields.
  • In this example, all the details of the contact Deepa Joshi are updated, and the content of Web Page field remains same i.e.
Update existing contact, overriding with blank fieldsExisting contacts are updated, and blank fields are overridden.

For example:

  • Contact Deepa Joshi is present in Baya Address Book with details Email id:, Web Page:
  • Contact Deepa Joshi is also present in the contacts to be imported with details Email and Web Page field is blank.
  • If you choose the option Update existing contact overriding with blank fields, application updates all the details of the contact.
  • In this example, all the details of the contact Deepa Joshi are updated, and the content of Web Page field changes to blank.
Create new contact for duplicatesNew contact are created for duplicates.

Unsupported fields

Example screen showing unsupported fields

 Field map table for

  • CSV
  • VCF

Invalid Contacts

Application considers the contact invalid if the fields mentioned in the table are invalid.

Example screen showing invalid data

Following table gives you the list of fields which are validated while importing.

Importing Contacts FromFields Validated By Baya
Baya Address BookGender
Join Date
End Date
Birth Date
Outlook Address BookEmail Id
Thunderbird Address BookEmail Id
Gmail Address BookEmail Id
Yahoo Address BookEmail Id
Note: It is advised not to import the invalid contacts. You can de-select the Ignoring invalid contacts option and click the Import button to proceed anyway.

How fields are mapped from various CSV file2 to Baya V2 Personal Contacts?

Field mapping from various CSV files to Baya Personal Contacts

Baya Personal ContactsGmail CSVOutlook CSVThunderbirdYahoo
First nameFirst NameFirst NameFirst NameFirst
Last nameLast NameLast NameLast NameLast
Display nameDisplay NameDisplay NameNickname
EmailE-mail AddressE-mail AddressPrimary EmailEmail
Job TitleJob TitleJob TitleJob TitleTitle
Join date
End date
Company PhoneCompany Main PhoneCompany Main PhoneWork PhoneWork
Company Mobile
Company FaxBusiness Fax
Company PagerPager
Company AddressBusiness AddressBusiness StreetWork AddressWork Address
Company CityBusiness CityBusiness CityWork CityWork City
Company StateBusiness StateBusiness StateWork StateWork State
Company Pin-codeBusiness Postal CodeBusiness Postal CodeWork ZipCodeWork ZIP
Company CountryBusiness CountryBusiness Country/RegionWork CountryWork Country
Company Web PageWeb PageWeb PageWeb Page 1Business Website
Spouse NameSpouseSpouse
Home AddressHome AddressHome StreetHome AddressHome Address
Home CityHome CityHome CityHome CityHome City
Home Pin-codeHome Postal CodeHome Postal CodeHome ZipCodeHome Zip
Home StateHome StateHome StateHome StateHome State
Home CountryHome CountryHome Country/RegionHome CountryHome Country
Home PagerPagerPager
Home PhoneHome PhoneHome PhoneHome PhoneHome
Home FaxHome FaxHome Fax
Home MobileMobile PhoneMobile PhoneMobile NumberMobile
Home Web PagePersonal Website

How fields are mapped from VCF file to Baya V2 Personal Contacts?

Field mapping from VCARD file to Baya Personal Contacts

VCARD Field NameBaya Contacts Field Name
FNDisplay Name
NFirst Name
Last Name
ADRHome City
Home Country
Home Pin-code
Home State
Home Address
Company City
Company Country
Company Pin-code
Company State
Company Address
TELHome MobileHome Fax

Home Phone

Company Mobile

Company Fax

Company Phone

NICKNAMEDisplay Name
TITLEJob Title
URLCompany Webpage
Home Webpage

Sample VCARD File:

VCARD FileBaya Address Book

FN:Deepa Sharma






ADR;TYPE=WORK:;;Rajiv Gandhi IT Park\, Hinjewadi\nPune 411044;;;;



Display Name= Deepa SharmaLast Name= Sharma

First Name= Deepa


Company Fax= 020-66660003

Company Mobile= 9822900010

Company Phone= 020-66660004

Company Address= Rajiv Gandhi IT Park Hinjewadi

Company City= Pune

Company Pin-Code= 411044

Job Title= HR Asst

How tp export contacts from Baya V2 to CSV or VCF file?

Using the address book export feature of Baya, you can keep your personal address books in other apps and devices uptodate.
Baya can be used to export the personal address book in a variety of CSV and the VCard format.
Once exported, these contact details can be imported into a third party app on desktops such as Outlook or Thunderbird, hosted apps such as Yahoo or Gmail or into the native address books of mobile devices.

Baya exports address books to the following formats:

  • Baya AddressBook CSV
  • Outlook AddressBook CSV
  • Thunderbird AddressBook CSV
  • Outlook format CSV form Gmail
  • Yahoo AddressBook CSV

The following sections explain the formats of the CSV and VCARD file.

VCard Files

vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards which can be easily imported to various other mail providers and mobile devices. Baya supports vCard version 3.0.

If you want to import personal/shared contacts from Baya to any mobile devices, it is advised to export them in VCard file format. As all the popular mobile devices are compatible with VCard file format and import VCard file easily.

Following is the list of contact fields supported.

Contact Fields In BayaCorresponding Field In VCard File
displaynameFN, NICKNAME









CSV File 

CSV is a common, relatively simple file format that is widely supported by consumer, business, and other applications. Each mail provider has its own format for CSV file. Baya provides you various options for exporting contacts which are compatible with other mail providers. You need to choose appropriate CSV format for exporting contacts as per your mail provider.

Export Contacts from Baya

  1. On the Personal Contacts or the Shared Contacts page, click the Export Contacts icon.

    Tip: You can extract required contacts from your personal contacts using search facility, and export only those contacts to create a CSV.

    For example:

    To export all the contacts having firstname/lastname ‘smith’, first search these contacts and then export into required file format.

  2. Choose the appropriate file format(CSV/VCARD) in which you would like to export your personal/shared contacts. And, click the Export button.

    Application exports all the contacts and displays a message box showing the status.

  3. Click the Download button to download the CSV file on your machine.

    By default, the exported file is saved in the C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\My Documents\Downloads folder.

  4. You can import this file into your personal mail account contacts.

How to import contacts into third party apps?

Importing a VCard file

Refer following links for

Importing VCard file into Gmail contacts

Importing VCard file into Yahoo contacts

Importing VCF file into Windows

Importing contacts in Thunderbird

Importing a CSV file

The following table provides you links explaining steps for importing contacts by CSV file and type of CSV formatted file supported as per mail provider.

For example: If you need to import contacts into Gmail, you should choose the Outlook CSV format for Gmail option.

Web ClientRefernce LinkCSV Format To Be Chosen
GmailImport and save the contacts list to your gmail accountOutlook CSV format for Gmail
YahooImport-Export Contacts in Yahoo accountYahoo AddressBook CSV

Desktop ClientRefernce LinkCSV Format To Be Chosen
OutlookImport- Export Contacts in windowsOutlook AddressBook CSV
ThunderbirdImport-export contacts in ThunderbirdThunderbird AddressBook CSV


How to migrate Calendar events from Baya V2 to Baya V3?

  1. Export from Baya V2
  2.  Log in to your SkyConnect account using Baya V2.

  3. Navigate to the Calendar application
  4. On the left pane, click the down arrow next to the Calendar from which events need to be exported.
  5. Click the Export Calendar option from the list.
  6. Choose the appropriate date range to download events.
  7. Application downloads the events in the .ics format file.

  1. Export from Baya V2
  2. Log in to your SkyConnect account using Baya V3.
  3. Navigate to the Calendar application.
  4. On the top pane, click the Import button.
  5. Click the Choose File button.
  6. Choose the .ics file which you have downloaded recently from Baya V2.