Can  we configure this mail services in Microsoft Outlook, if internet  services are running thru proxy server or data-card or direct or all of  them connectivity?

Yes  surely you can. The only requirement is that the firewall in your  office should allow the requisite ports viz. 25 (SMTP), 110 (POP),  143 (IMAP) and 389 (LDAP). If you are using data card, then these ports  are normally open.

Is  it possible to achieve syncing of Inbox, Sent , Delete,  Junk, Outbox  item folders with all the hand-held devices like Android / BlackBerry / iOS  base (Any version). Can a user use MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows  Mail, mobile client and the Baya client?

The clients (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Mobile Devices) can sync the global address book to the local address book via LDAP. Refer SkyConnect User Guide to know more about how to configure this. 

How to access help to configure a desktop client?

Steps to access help to configure a desktop clients

  1. Log in to Baya with valid credentials.
  2. Click the Help button on the top pane.
  3. Choose the Desktop option.
  4. Choose the SkyConnect application (EmailContactsCalendar, or Chat) to be configured on your Desktop client.
  5. Note down the credentials and server details to be used for configuration.
  6. Choose the desktop client application (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) to view step-by-step instructions.