Server Storage / Quota Management

Viewing server storage and quota details

With your official email id, you are assigned some storage for your mailbox on the servers that host your domain.

To view the storage allocated and the storage used, do as follows:

  1. Log in to Baya

  2. Go to the Settings Application

  3. From the left pane, select Mailbox Quota

  4. The right pane will show the following elements:

Storage Used

The actual storage used by your mailbox on the server hosting your domain.

Allocated Quota

The quota allocated for your mailbox on the server. If there is no limit on how much storage you can use, the value displayed will be Unlimited.

Quota used

The percentage of quota used. If you have been allocated unlimited quota, then percentage used will be 0.

Mail life time

The age of the mail in days. Mails older than the number of days specified here will be automatically deleted from your mailbox. If there is no lifetime set, then the value displayed will be none.

Receiving Quota usage alerts

If you have a limited quota allocated for your mailbox, you will receive email alerts when your mailbox usage crosses 60%, 75%, 80%, 90% and 100% of your allocated quota.

Keeping the storage within the quota allocated

If your mailbox has a limited quota, then you will have to ensure that the usage stays within that limit.

If your usage exceeds the allocated quota, then you will not be able to send out mail until you clean your mailbox and get the storage usage below the allocated limit.

Depending on what mail client and protocol you use for your email access, the way to clean the server storage will be as follows:

1. If you are accessing mail from a desktop client with the POP protocol, make sure that you have set the desktop clients to not copy a copy of the mail on the server OR to leave a copy of the downloaded mail for a limited number of days. To clean mail from the Sent Items folder on the server, logon to the Baya V3 client and delete mail from the folder and then empty the Trash folder.

2. If you are accessing mail using the web client Baya V3 or have configured the desktop client using the IMAP protocol, delete un-wanted mail from all the folders and then empty the Trash folder.

Note: The mail sending facility is restored 15 minutes after cleaning the mailbox.