Release Notes

15th Feb 2023: Version

What's New

Recently accessed notes are available as a new list

  • You can now view the notes accessed across the sessions

Resolved issues

  • Unread mentions count is incorrect
  • Unable to mark notifications as read as notifications are not shown on comments but it shows unread in notifications and mentions list


  • Faster page load and access

12th Jan 2023: Version

What's New

  • Newer, faster, and more compact views for better visibility of the data and associations.
  • Extended application bar for easy access to view pinned workspaces, recent tags, and favorite people.

Open multiple notes for easy accessibility

  • Open up to 10 notes at a time from across notes lists
  • Option to Pin the note to keep it always in sight

Separate view for search list for better accessibility of the notes

  • You can now maintain the search result and toggle between notes and the search notes list maintaining the context of the data you were in.

My Activity view for retaining your contexts

  • You can review and revisit the activities you did in the time frame.
  • This view provides you a snapshot of what you are up to and can help retain the context and make follow-ups accordingly.


  • Quicker rendering of the details view
  • Filter to view unread notifications and mentions for quick accessibility
  • Mark contacts as favorites
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

14th Jun 2022: Version

New Features

  • Integration with Knowledge Owl
  • Upload your notes as articles to the Knowledge Owl document base 

20th May 2022: Version


  • Preview and download files in files across the workspace app

12th May 2022: Version


  • Search files with names in files across the workspace app

10th May 2022: Version


  • Filter the files in the workspace using associated users and file types
  • Sort files using the date

30th Mar 2022: Version

New Features

  • Set the preferences for action to be taken on the note when an email is forwarded to

8th Mar 2022: Version

New Features

  • View all files across the workspace in a single view

20th Feb 2022: Version

New Features

  • Share notes with all users of the workspace.
  • Any new member added to the workspace will get the notes on joining the workspace.

12th Nov 2021: Version

New Features

  • Upgraded fraola editor to latest version for better content management
  • New way of adding shared tags to the comment
  • Discontinuing inline tags within the content

22nd Oct 2021: Version

New Features

  • Introducing new Ideolve logo
  • Added new view for note activity for easier navigation
  • The previous activity view is now the Audit Trail view where all the user activities can be traced.


  • Performance improvements across the application
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

18th Sep 2021: Version

New Features

  • Added filters for links view in a note
  • Filter using users
  • Sort by date

04th Sep 2021: Version

New Features

  • Added filters for shared tags view in a note
  • Filter using users and shared tags
  • Sort by date

03rd Aug 2021: Version

New Features

  • Introducing shared tags tab in note details
  • Access note and all comments having shared tags at one places

17th Jul 2021: Version 

New Features

  • Now you can add an external shared tag to comment

18th June 2021: Version 

 New Features 

  • Access all shared tags across your organization within one view  


  • Improved comments list performance 

  • Attachments within the comment are now folded for faster rendering

5th June 2021: Version 

New Features 

  • You can now access search history from the search bar 

  • Share and invite widget can now access users across organization 

21st May 2021: Version      


  • Now track comment replies in mentions window 

5th May 2021: Version    

New Features 

Introducing links tab in note details 

  • Access all HTML links within the content at one place. 

  • You will find links grouped by comment and can easily navigate to comment from this view. 

21st April 2021: Version  

New Features 

  • Added workspace and user filters to filter notifications and mentions list. 

10th March 2021: Version   

New Features  

  • Introducing filters in notifications and mentions window. 

  • All application windows will stay until closed explicitly. 

04th February 2021: Version  


  • Now you can view comment and note summary in the notifications and mentions window for better context of the activity. 

22nd January 2021: Version    

New Features 

New and better UX to improve feature visiblity and usefulness 

  • Introducing People view to search notes with users as context 

  • Introducing Pinned notes view, now you can pin any number of notes across workspaces 


Edit comment in pop up 

  • Improvements in comment list rendering and performance 

26th August 2020: Version  

New Features 

  • View note files from the new tab besides Note and Comments list. 

  • Title can be edited on click and saved on enter. 


Tags can be attached from tags popup 

  • Note Admin Controls moved inside note menu action. 

23rd July 2020: Version     


Notes with inline images will now load quicker 

  • Users with access to mobile will see an option to download Ideolve application from App stores 

16th July 2020: Version   

New Features 

Note details get major UX change 

  • Note content and comments list are shown in tabbed view for better user experience 

02nd June 2020: Version  

New Features 

Introducing User filter option in attachments list to filter the list uploaded by user 

  • Introducing sort option to sort the attachments by date and type 

  • View the list of shared tags associated to the note at one place 

  • You can click on shared tag to view the tagged content. 


  • Attachment list didn't show attachments if comment is not present 

13th May 2020: Version           

New Features  

  • Note role can now allow associated user to manage note controls 


  • Can publish security control can now be controlled from workspace. 

Issues solved 

  • Download option unavailable for attachments 

08th May 2020: Version         

New Features 

  • Now you can view the list of all attachments within note in attachment window. 

20th April 2020: Version       


  • Now you can view activities of all files within note in activity window 

16th April 2020: Version      

New Features 

Introducing interface for controls at Organization level 

  • Introducing interface for controls at Workspace level 

  • You can now add control policies for users 

  • Link to access Ideolve user guide 

Issues Solved 

  • Inline images go missing in comments 

07th April 2020: Version                

New Features 

  • You can now control the features on how users interact with the note 


  • Responsive preview size for attachment viewer as per screen resolution 

19th March 2020: Version                

New Features 

  • Introducing policies and controls at Organization, Workspace and Note level. 


  • Note activity pane is now docked with details view 

09th March 2020: Version               

New Features 

  • You can now access My space workspace or personal notes from the shortcut available in the application list 

05th February 2020: Version             


  • Freshdesk options will only be visible to owner of the comment 

  • Users display name will be added to the content when posted to freshdesk 

  • Show a confirmation box when a reply is posted to freshdesk 

23rd January 2020: Version           

New Features 

  • Introducing new and improved UI 

20th January 2020: Version          


  • Inline note search can now display results for multiple text search terms 

09th January 2020: Version        

New Features 

  • View all associated shared tags to the note in attach tag pop-up 

  • See the activity on shared tags in activity window 


  • Highlighted shared tags in content 

31st December 2019: Version            

New Features 

Connect to Freshdesk 

  • You can now post the replies or private note to a freshdesk ticket directly from ideolve 

  • A freshdesk action icon will be visible on the comments in notes uploaded from freshdesk. 

23rd December 2019: Version           

New Features 

Introducing Shared Tags 

  • You can now add #tags inline in note and comment content. 

  • Since the contribution to tags in note and comments will be from associated users, it helps build common understanding. 

  • Search using shared tags. Just use #tag to find the list of tags including private and shared tags. 


  • You can now even tap the user by clicking on the users name in the tap window. 

Bug fix 

  • Some shared notes are not found on search 

22nd October 2019: Version         

New Features 

Reply to comment 

  • You can now reply to comments. 

  • A new comment is added in the note with a link to original comment 

  • View replies made to comment 

  • Links can be used to navigate to replies from original comment and vice versa. 

  • View screenshot 

20th September 2019: Version       

New Features 

Tap user 

  • Refer users to view the content by tapping them to note or comment. 

  • You can even tap users on content owned by other users. Only the users part of the note can see the content. 

  • Tap notifications will be listed in the mentions list. Use the notifications to navigate to the content. 


Bug fixes 

  • Notes from other workspaces were listed in selected workspace on New Updates. 

  • Multiple fetch more notification requests were being fired which were actually not required 

26th August 2019: Version           


  • Search results are now by default sorted by date 

15th August 2019: Version           

New Features  

Sorted search results by relevancy 

  • Search results are by default sorted as per relevancy. Most relevant data is listed on the top. 

  • Added an option to sort the search results by date or relevancy. 


Small list of improvements taken up to discard some irritants 

  • Unable to add comment to a note when accessing using search results. 

  • Search is not fired on modifying the search string in some cases. 

  • Refresh to update button is displayed on each re-login popup. 

24th July 2019: Version         


  • We have made performance improvements in fetching update tour steps for better experience. 

16th July 2019: Version         


  • Added a user hint to refresh the page to load new application updates. 

12th July 2019: Version       

New Features 

Guided tour on New Updates 

  • Application will take user on guided tour to new updates/features added to the application 

26th June 2019: Version     


In search query 

  • Each string term is treated as a separate search term. 

  • String within quotes will be treated as a single term. 

21st June 2019: Version    

New Features 

Introducing Quick tour for help on how to use ideolve 

  • Take a quick tour to understand the elements of ideolve and how to use them 

  • View list of updates made on ideolve 

  • Check the updates section to find out what changes have been made to Ideolve 

29th April 2019: Version     


Small list of improvements taken up to discard some irritants 

  • Search term is ignored when an html content is copied and pasted in search box. 

  • undefined in search text, when text is not present in search history. 

  • Not able to search for words containing #,^,@ within the string. 

  • Search history popup remains open even when user clicks outside the popup. 

  • Updates in comments attachments were not updated in current note. 

  • When user is in search state and refreshes the page, the note list is reset to All Notes but on selecting a note from the list, the app fires the search again. 

24th April 2019: Version    

New Features 

Introducing Pin notes 

  • You can now pin your notes to the top of the notes list 

  • This feature helps you to keep the focus on the important notes you are working on. 

  • You can pin up to 3 notes. 


  • No note is selected by default on login or while switching the list. 

  • You can now choose what note to display. Earlier, first note in the list was selected which was like bombarding you with the information of that note irrespective of you wanted to view that note. 

  • Helps improve UX responsiveness on first load. 

09th April 2019: Version   

New Features 

Introducing multiple Tag List views 

  • View Recently used Tags 

  • View Most used Tags 

  • Search tags in the list 

  • You can now view the associated notes with the tag on selecting the tag.


Share note interface 

  • Widget enables user to first choose the workspace before selecting users to share the note 

  • Workspace name is shown in share note widget for already shared note. 

25th March 2019: Version 

New Features 

Pin your favorite workspace 

  • You can now Pin your favorite workspace at the top for easier navigation 

  • You can pin upto 3 workspaces 


In workspace list 

  • Workspace list is now alphabetically sorted 

  • By default, upto 5 workspaces are displayed in a workspace list excluding pin workspaces. 

  • Other workspaces can be accessed on expanding the list by clicking on more. 

22nd March 2019: Version

New Features 

Introducing All notes filter  

  • You can now view all notes across workspaces in single list. 

  • This will help keep you updated for activities across workspaces. If you still want to work on specific workspace, you can choose the workspace from the workspace list. 

  • Searching across workspaces 

  • You can now find the data across workspaces by searching in All notes list. 

  • New notes will be created in My Space 

  • My Space is your private workspace meant for keeping your personal notes 

  • By default, the system chooses the chosen workspace to create the note. If you are using All notes or All my notes filter, notes will be created in My Space. 

  • On sharing the note, you need to select the collaborative workspace to share the note in. 


Create workspace 

  • Create new workspace flow improvements while sharing the note from personal workspace. 

13th March 2019: Version

New Features 

Change in URL's 

  • Updated Ideolve URL link formation

  • These links also contain meta-data to show the preview of the Published note when shared on the social mediums like whatsapp etc. 

  • Links also contain data which will enable navigating to specific entity from email notifications directly to Ideolve mobile app [development within mobile app is still in progress and will be released early next week] 


In search interface 

  • When user clicks on search bar, search history is displayed with the special identifier ^ displayed to the user. 

  • ^ identifier can be used anytime within the search interface to fetch the search history