Enable email archiving in Amazon Workmail

You can set up journaling to record your email communication, using Vaultastic. This ensures that email storage compliance regulations for privacy protection, data storage, and information protection are met.

All emails that are sent to any user in the specified organization, as well as all emails sent by users in that organization are journaled on Vaultastic. Non delivery report (NDR) is generated for emails failed to archived on Vaultastic.

Enable the email journaling as per steps mentioned below to start archiving mails on Vaultastic

Dedicate an email id on your domain to receive NDR

You can create a new email id or use an existing email id. It is recommended to dedicate an email address on your domain to receive NDR.

Enable email journaling

  1. Open the Amazon WorkMail console at
  2. On the Organization settings screen, choose Journaling SettingsEditOn.
  3. For Journaling email address, enter the Vaultastic email address in the format journal@{domain-name}
    For the domain, the journal id will be
  4. For Report email address, enter the dedicated NDR email address.
  5. Choose Save. The changes are applied immediately.