Mass Mailing

Can we restrict the users from sending the mail to a distribution list(group) which they are member of and they should only be able to receive  the mail which was sent on that group.

Yes. This is possible via mail policies SkyConnect supports extensive mail flow control via policies which can  be applied at a granular level of a user or a group of users.

What are the limits on sending mail? 

There are two types of users in SkyConnect, normal users and power users. The limits are controlled by the type of user. For details, refer to the product specifications.

What is the difference between total messages per day and total recipients per day?

A user can send out a mail with one or more recipients.

So if you have sent one mail with 10 recipients and another with 30, the total messages will be 2 and the total recipients will be 40.

How do I mark a user as a power user?

Power users are allowed to send out bulk mail from specific IP addresses. To mark as a power user write to us with the email id. 

Please note that there is a limit on how many users can be marked as power users in a domain as mentioned in the product specifications.

What happens when a user crosses the limits?

If the number of mail sent or the total recipients  is greater than the limit specified, then the user will be blacklisted. To remove the user from the blacklist, you will have to raise a ticket on the helpdesk.