Adding notes


Notes provide a free space to capture ideas &information using text, tables, images, documents, hyperlinks and so on.

Create a note

To create a note,

1. Click the Add Note button on the top of the middle pane.

2. The application screen will be updated to show an expanded note view

  1. Update the Note title by clicking on the Subject and entering the title. The note title will be automatically updated in the Note Header
  2. To edit the Note contents, click in the area below the Note title
  3. Use the controls in the Toolbar to format the contents
  4. To embed images or other documents within the note, use the Option in the toolbar
  5. To attach documents to the Note, select the Drop-down menu from the Note Header and choose the Attach option.
  6. To update the application screen to show the list view, click on the Resize option from the Dropdown menu in the Note Header or click the Home icon.
  7. Click Share to share the note with other people.
  8. To save the changes, click on the Save button.