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View the SLA for all Mithi products. Learn how to access and use the help-desk to communicate with the Mithi team.


Terms of Service
REVISION HISTORY Effective Date 29th July 2019 Effective Date for customers who signed up before 29th July 2019 21st August 2019 Last Updated on 15th Jan 2023 Last Update Change Summary Improved readability and simplified...
Phone Support Policy
Overview Mithi has introduced a central customer care number to make it easy when you need to speak with our engineers. Before you call Have questions or need to report an issue with a Mithi product or service? We've got you...
How can i get a offline copy of the user/admin guide? Mithi docs allows you to export a specific article to a PDF file.  Navigate to the required article in the list and click the PDF icon in the top pane. PDF file will be displayed on the sc...