Thunderbird on desktop

A: Configure the Lightening Plug-in

Lightening an extension to Thunderbird allows you to
  • Create calendars
  • Subscribe to calendars on the web
  • Manage your schedule within Thunderbird
Using Lightning plugin, you can sync the calendar hosted on the SkyConnect server into Thunderbird. The calendar hosted on the SkyConnect server is also accessible via the web client: Baya.

a. Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird Ver 60

Download Mozilla Thunderbird (Version 60 )

Install the Thunderbird on your machine.

Follow the link to find the steps to install Mozilla Thunderbird on

b. Download and install Lightening Plug-in

Download Lightening Plug-in

Install Lightning Plug-in

  • Launch the Thunderbird application
  • On the Tools menu, click the select Add-ons option
  • On the Add-ons dialog window, - Click the Install button - Locate and select the downloaded Lightning Plug-in file - Click Open to start software installation
  • The Software Installation process begins
  • Application displays a message to confirm if you want to Install add-ons only from authors whom you trust.
  • Click the Install Now button.
  • On successful installation, Restart Thunderbird.
  • Now, Thunderbird shows the Events and Tasks menu option in the main menu.

c. Disable Automatic Updates for Thunderbird and Add-ons

Firefox occasionally checks to see if any updates are available for itself and for your search engines. To disable these checks:
  • Click the Menu button and choose Options.
  • Go to the Advanced => Updates tab
  • Check Never check for updates (not recommended) and uncheck Automatically update search engines.
  • Click the OK button to save the changes you've made.

d. Disable Lightening Plug-in Automatic Updates

Firefox also checks to see if any updates are available for your add-ons (extensions, themes). To disable this check:
  • Click the Menu button and choose Addons-icon to open the Add-ons Manager window.
  • In the Add-ons Manager window, at the top of the tab, click the Tools for all add-ons icon, uncheck Update Add-ons Automatically and then click Reset All Add-ons to Update Manually.

B: Configure your Calendar in Thunderbird

a. Copy the Calendar URL using Baya V4

  1. Log in to your webmail account and navigate to the Settings > Add Calendar section.
  2. Copy the URL of the calendar account you want to configure

b. Configure your calendar in Thunderbird

  1. Launch the Thunderbird application, and switch to the Calendar tab.
  2. Right-click on the Calendar pane and choose the select New Calendar option
  3. On the Create new calendar dialog-box,
    • Select On the Network as the location of your new calendar.
    • Click on Next.
    • Choose the CalDAV option as type of calendar to be configured.
    • In the Location box, paste the Calendar URL copied using Baya V3
    • Click the Next button to proceed.
    • Customize the calendar by specifying a name and a color.
    • Important: The field E-Mail has to be left blank. Click Next.
    • For the first time login to the calendar, you will be asked to specify your user name and password in the Authentication Required dialog box. -Enter your complete email id in the User Name field and your email account password. -Click OK.
    • On creating the calendar successfully, Thunderbird displays a message on the screen. Click Finish to exit the process.
    • Thunderbird syncs all the events and tasks created by using the web client Baya. You can add, mdify, or delete the calendar entries using Thunderbird. In addition to pop-up alerts, you can receive email alerts for the upcoming events and meetings if the calendar alarm service on your server is on.