Step 1: Create a Mail Contact in Exchange 2007

  1. On the Microsoft Exchange Console, expand Recipient Configuration, then select Mail Contact.

  2. On the Actions pane, click New Mail Contact


    On the right-click menu, click New Mail Contact

  3. Select the New contact option

  4. Click the Next button to continue

  5. Provide Contact Information

    • Select your Organizational unit

    • Give a Name to the contact as journal

    • Set Alias to the contact as journal

    • Set External e-mail address

    Click the Edit button to set email address.

    Set SMTP Address in the format journal@{domain-name}


    If your domain name is, then SMTP Address will be

  6. Click the Next button to continue.

  7. Click the New button to create the contact.​​

  1. Click the Finish button to exit the wizard.