Domain Group Admin Controls


On Spam Titan, every organization is mapped to a Domain Group. Each Domain Group will have an admin which will allow you to manage all the domains in your oganization.

Using the Domain Group Console on SpamTitan, you can do the following:

  • Define user wise exceptions to the domain policies
  • Quarantine store management
  • Generate reports
  • Manage group whitelists/blacklists

Login to Admin console

To login to the Domain Group Console

  1. Enter the URL in your browser
  2. In the Email Address box, enter the email id for the Domain Group Admin shared with you on email.
  3. If you are login for the first time or have forgotten your password?
    • Click the Forgot password link
    • Enter your email id to receive the password
  4. In the Password box, specify the password and click login 

Anti- Spam User Policies

To bypass the domain defaults and add an exception for a user, you can use the User Policies console.

Filter Rules

To manage a domain's whitelists and blacklists, refer to the topics mentioned below.

Quarantine Overview

User's complaining of missing mails, check through the Quarantine and release mail.

Reporting Overview

Did not find a mail in the quarantine? The reports section will give you the entire mail flow details. Using this you will be able to see what happened to each mail for your domains. In addition you can also subscribe to some useful reports.

Changing your Settings

Need to change your password or enable 2 factor authentication? Refer to the topics below.