Assigning Note Permissions


When sharing a note within a workspace, the note owner can assign permissions to share or publish the note as follows:

Full: A user with Full permission can:

  • Share or un-share the note.
  • Publish or un-publish the note.
  • Change the permissions assigned to other users associated with the note.
  • Update the note controls.

Share/Unshare: A user with Share/Unshare permission can only share or un-share the note.

Shareonly: A user with Shareonly permissions can only share the note.

Default:  A user with Default permissions has no rights to share, un-share, publish, unpublished the note. The user also has no right to change the permissions of other users associated with the note.

Updating permissions

To change the permissions, do the following:

  1. Select a note, the note will appear in the Note view.
  2. From the menu in the Note header, select Share.
  3. The list of users with whom the note is shared will appear.
  4. Click on a name.
  5. In the Permission pop-up box, select the permission to be given to the user.