Enable archiving for MailEnable users using a three steps process.


Step 1: Allow an SMTP connection from MailEnable to Vaultastic
Before changing the outgoing SMTP server or hostname, please inform the Vaultastic team to update the connector. Failing to do so will result in Vaultastic bouncing the mail. ...
Step 2: Add a Mail Route with MailEnable SMTP settings
Before adding mail filters for the users of your domain, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to add mail route for the Vaultastic server. This mail route is a SMTP connector which will be used to route mail from MailEnable to Vaultastic. ...
Step 3: Enable Archiving for MailEnable Users
You can journal all email messages transacted by the users on your MailEnable domain by defining mail filter for all/required users. The mail filter setting enables you to deliver outbound and internal-sending delivery to Vaultastic. All t...