Order Book


Orders are placed on Mithi by either issuing a Purchase Order or via an email confirmation to the Mithi Sales team. When a order is booked, the details of the order are visible to the customer in the Order Book application of the customer's Mithi Account.

Accessing the Order book

To access the Order book, login to your Mithi Customer account using an id with the Primary or Billing Role.

On successful login, select the Order Book application listed under All Controls or the Application Switch on the left hand side.

Current Subscription

On login to the Order Book application, you will be first taken to the Current Subscription tab. Here you can see the current subscription in play as a result of the orders placed earlier. This will show the SKUs, the quantities and also the date till which the subscription is valid.

Order History

The Order History tab shows the history of orders placed, with the latest on the top. The details such as date on which the order was placed, SKUs, the validity, quantities etc will be listed for each order.