Password Policies

Password complexity and length

  • The password complexity and length can be set for your domain.

  • To set the password complexity and length, log in to your SkyConnect account using administrative rights

  • Navigate to Admin Panel > Domain > Password Policies

  • Choose the Password Complexity for your domain. The available levels and their descriptions are 
    • MoreComplex:
      • Should have minimum eight and maximum thirty characters,
      • at least one digit,
      • at least one uppercases alphabet, 
      • at least one lowercase alphabet, 
      • at least one special symbol
    • Complex:
      • Should have minimum eight and maximum thirty characters, 
      • at least one digit, 
      • at least one alphabet, 
      • at least one special symbol
    • Simple:
      • Should have minimum eight and maximum thirty characters

Password Depth

  • The password depth (history) is the number of previous passwords maintained by the system. When a user resets her password, the system will check whether the new password is one of the previous passwords. If it is found in the history, then the user is instructed to choose another password.

  • To configure the password depth your domain,

    • Navigate to Admin Panel > Domain > Password Policies
    • Set the number of passwords to be stored in history. If the number of password to stored as history is 1, user is restricted to set the different password than the current one.

Password Expiry

  • The password expiry feature enables the administrator to force users to change their password regularly.
  • When the password expires, access to the account is blocked, thereby forcing the user to reset his password.

  • To configure your the password policy for domain,
    • Navigate to Admin Panel > Domain Password Policies
    • Toggle the Expiry switch to enable or disable the property. 

  • To configure the policy of a user,
    • Navigate to the Admin Panel User Password Expiry
    • Toggle the Password Expiry switch to enable or disable the property. 
    • Mention the Password Age in number of days for which the password is valid after the last password change.