Integration with in-premise AD server for authentication


A SkyConnect domain can be setup to authenticate with your in-premise AD setup, allowing end users to access the mailboxes and other SkyConnect applications using the domain passwords.

The setup required to authenticate users with an internal active directory is as shown in the diagram below.

Mithi SkyConnect Setup (maintained by Mithi in the Mithi account on AWS)

SkyConnect VPC (Virtual pvt cloud) All the SkyConnect servers are hosted within this VPC
Customer VPC (virtual private cloud)
  • This VPC has the a LDAP cache server and the range of this VPV will be 100.64.
  • This VPC will be peered with the customer VPC in the customers AWS account

Customer AWS setup (maintained by the customer in the Customer account on AWS)

  1. The RODC
  2. The Remote Desktop Gateway server to allow remote access for the administrators
  3. The End points for the VPN to the customer inprem network (where the primary AD servers are hosted)

Customer Inprem Setup (maintained by the customer)

Internet connectivity 2 High Quality Internet connections for the VPN
End points for the VPN The end point of the VPN.
Primary AD The Primary AD setup at customer location

Roles and Responsibilities

Mithi SkyConnect Setup Mithi
Customer AWS Setup Customer
Customer Inprem Setup Customer

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