User Guide

Learn how to use the LegacyFlo application to add/edit/delete/start/search migration jobs.


LegacyFlo Product Specifications
Product Suite Migrate data between mail platforms  Migrate to SkyConnect / Vaultastic   Export from Vaultastic Backup data to S3 ...
Login to LegacyFlo
Learn how to log in to the LeagacyFlo app. How to acquire credentials if you are logging in to LegacyFlo app for the first time?
Submit a data migration request
Learn how to submit a data migration request using the LegacyFlo app.
Submit multiple migration requests
Learn how to submit multiple data migration requests using CSV. Know the formatting and parameter details to be followed in CSV.
Verify the input parameters of a migration request
Learn how to verify parameters of data migration requests submitted in LegacyFlo
Update the input parameters of a migration request
Learn how to update or edit the input parameters of the migration requests in LegacyFlo
Search for a migration request
Learn how to search for migration requests already submitted using LegacyFlo. Also, know how to start executing or take other actions on requests in bulk
Start execution on a migration request
Learn how to start executing the data migration requests submitted using LegacyFlo
Delete a request
Requests in the Pending , Invalid , Valid , Processed,  or Failed can be deleted.  Requests under execution cannot be deleted. In the Status column, click the  Options icon (depicted by three vertical dots). ...
FAQs LegacyFlo
FAQS LegacyFlo What can I do with the LegacyFlo application? Using the LegacyFlo application , you can migrate email data from accounts hosted on one IMAP server to another. For example, to migrate email data from a Yahoo mailbox to GSuite, yo...
Why does LegacyFlo require a S3 bucket? There are two ways as described below: Importing data to SkyConnect/Vaultastic : When importing data from a data-file to a Vaultastic or SkyConnect account, the data-file has to ...
FAQs on using S3 Browser
FAQs on Using S3 Browser to upload data to a S3 bucket What is S3 Browser? S3 Browser is a free client interface for users of the Amazon S3 service. It provides an easy to use GUI to manage your buckets and objects. Compa...