Backup OneDrive data onto the Vaultastic Open Store


  • OneDrive from the M365 suite of products contains important documents that need to be frequently backed up.
  • Using the LegacyFlo OneDrive-S3-ZIP request type, you can now backup files from any user's Microsoft OneDrive to the Vaultastic Open Store.

Step 1: Getting access to the OneDrive data

This is a two-step process, in which you generate the API key (one time) and grant OneDrive access for all the accounts whose OneDrive data needs to be accessed

Step 1: Get access to the M365 Graph API

Step 2: Make the user's OneDrive content available for access via the API(This step has to be done for all users whose OneDrive data needs to be accessed.)

Step 2: Register the S3 bucket on which Open Store is hosted with LegacyFlo

The S3 bucket on which the Vaultastic Open Store is hosted has to be registered with LegacyFlo (this is a one time activity). For the steps on registration, refer to this article

Note: For the Open Store, the first step of bucket creation, policies and permissions is to be mentioned in the article is to be skipped.

Step 3: Submitting a LegacyFlo request

You can submit requests to back up OneDrive data using the LegacyFlo interface.

The request type to be used is OneDrive-S3-ZIP.

The parameters for the request are as follows:

Source Information

User IDUser id on OneDrive domain whose data needs to be imported
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
DomainSource domain on M365""
OneDrive Folder name

The folder from which data needs to backed up on the destination. All the contents of this folder and its subfolders will be backed up. 

Note that the folder name should not start with a /.

If all the OneDrive data is to be backed up, leave this value empty


Filter Information

Since (DD-MMM-YYYY)If this field is left blank, all the files in the source will be added to the backup.
If this field has a valid input, then all files which were created or modified since the date specified will be added to the backup.

Other Information

Send report toA valid email id to which status reports are

Destination Information



S3 bucket nameThis is the name of the S3 bucket on which your Vaultastic Open Store is hosted.mithi-ind1-vaultastic-legacystore
S3 folder pathThis is the name of your Vaultastic
File nameThe destination filename for the result of the LegacyFlo request. Choose a filename that will help you identify the contents.,

Refer to this topic to get the S3 credentials for your Vaultastic Open Store.

Step 4 (optional): Submitting multiple LegacyFlo requests to backup data for multiple users

To upload multiple jobs using a CSV, create a CSV file with a list of all the users and other details required to upload data.