Set up Google Workspace email route to archive emails in Vaultastic


A Google workspace email route is an SMTP connector used to route emails from Google Workspace to Vaultastic.
If you have already added the Google workspace email route for Vaultastic, you can skip this step and go to the next step to add the "sending routing" rule for the user.

Steps to add the Google Workspace email route

  1. Log in Google Admin console and navigate to the Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail option
  2. Scroll down to choose the Hosts option.
    Hosts option is not available? The Hosts option is not available in the legacy free edition of Google Workspace. Upgrade to Google Workspace to get this feature.
  3. Add SMTP connector to route mail messages from Google Workspace to Vaultastic.
    1. Give Name to the SMTP route
    2. Choose the Single Host option from the list
    3. Provide email server name as
    4. Mention the SMTP Port value as 25
    5. De-select all the mail delivery options
    6. Save the mail route
  4. Check the newly added connector listed under the Hosts option.

Tutorial Video