Backup M365 Teams data onto the Vaultastic Active Store


  • M365 Teams is used by organizations for internal communications. Teams data carries important conversations and documents which need to be frequently archived.
  • Using the LegacyFlo Teams-Vaultastic4 request type, you can now archive Teams conversations into emails which are saved on the Vaultastic Active Store.
  • The Active Store will contain one email per OneOnOne chat of the user with other users of the domain in the given time frame, or one email per Group chat in which the user participated in the given time period.

Step 1: Getting access to the Teams data

This is a one-time process, in which you generate the Graph API access key and register with LegacyFlo.

Follow the steps given here.

Step 2: Prepare the Vaults on the Active Store

Step 3: Submitting LegacyFlo requests

Once the preparation is done, you can start the migration by submitting migr.ation requests to LegacyFlo

The request type to be used is Teams-Vaultastic4.

Note: This step has to be executed for each mailbox to be migrated.

The source parameters for the request are as follows:

Source Information

User IDUser id on M365 domain whose data needs to be retrieved
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
DomainSource domain on M365""
Operation Type

There are two options to choose from 

1. OneOnOne 

2. Group

If you choose OneOnOne, all the Teams one on one chats for the user will be retrieved.

If you choose Group, all the Teams group chats for the user will be retrieved.

Include JSON ResponseBy default, all chat communications are converted to email in the HTML format and any documents shared are attached to the mail. 
The Include JSON Response option should be enabled if you wish to add the RAW JSON returned by the Graph API as an additional attachment.

Filter Information

Since (DD-MMM-YYYY)If this field is left blank, all the communications of the user till one day before the date specified in the Before field will be retrieved.
If this field has a valid input, then all communications since the date specified will be retrieved.
Before(DD-MMM-YYYY)If this field is left blank, all the communications from the date specified in the Since field till the date prior to the date when the execution starts will be retrieved.
If the field has a valid input, all communications till a day prior to the date specified will be retrieved.

Destination Information



User IDThe user id on the destination Vaultastic 4 server.
(Note: The id should not contain the domain name.)
"john.smith" (To upload data to
DomainDestination domain on Vaultastic 4 ""
PasswordPassword of the user on Vaultastic 4
Note: Passwords cannot contain special characters mentioned in the list given here. Update the password before submitting the request.
ServerHostname for the domain on Vaultastic 4""

Step 4 (optional): Submitting multiple LegacyFlo requests to backup data for multiple users

To upload multiple jobs using a CSV, create a CSV file with a list of all the users and other details required to upload data.