Step 3: Set forwarding and auto bcc

In Zimbra (Open Source), to journal incoming and outgoing mails for the selected users, you have to define a mail forwarding rule and an auto-bcc rule. Define these rules for all users for whom you need to enable the archiving. 

A mail forwarding rule enables you to deliver inbound and internal-receiving delivery to Vaultastic. An auto-bcc rule enables you to deliver outbound and internal-sending delivery to Vaultastic.

Follow the steps given below to enable archiving for a selected user. Repeat the steps for each user for whom you need to enable archiving.

Step 1: Set a forwarding rule to archive incoming mail

  1. Log in to the Zimbra portal with a user having admin rights
  2. Navigate to the Manage Accounts 
  3. Select a user to view details
  4. Choose the Forwarding tab
  5. In the Forwarding addresses hidden from the user section, enter journal@{domainprefix}
For example, iF you want to enable archiving for user, add forwarding rule for the users to forward mail to

Step 2: Create an auto Bcc rule to archive outgoing mail

To create an auto-bcc rule for a user execute the following commands from command line prompt.

  1. SSH to the Zimbra server and login to Zimbra as a super admin user
# su zimbra

  1. Go to the conf folder using the following command
$ cd /opt/zimbra/conf
  1.  Confirm the folder location using the below command
$ pwd
  1.  Open to edit the sender_bcc file and enter the primary email id and journal id as shown below
$ vi sender_bcc
:save and quit
  1. Reload Zimbra using the following command 
$ postconf -e 'sender_bcc_maps = hash:/opt/zimbra/conf/sender_bcc'
$ postfix reload