Zimbra Open Source

In Zimbra (Open Source), to journal incoming and outgoing mails for the selected users, you have to define a mail forwarding rule and an auto-bcc rule. Define these rules for all users for whom you need to enable the archiving. 

A mail forwarding rule enables you to deliver inbound and internal-receiving delivery to Vaultastic. An auto-bcc rule enables you to deliver outbound and internal-sending delivery to Vaultastic.

Follow the steps given below to enable archiving for a selected user. Repeat the steps for each user for whom you need to enable archiving.

Step 1: Set a forwarding rule to archive incoming mail

  1. Log in to the Zimbra portal with a user having admin rights
  2. Navigate to the Manage Accounts 
  3. Select a user to view details
  4. Choose the Forwarding tab
  5. In the Forwarding addresses hidden from the user section, enter the complete Vaultastic id of the user
For example, iF you want to enable archiving for user, add forwarding rule for the users to forward mail to

Step 2: Create an auto Bcc rule to archive outgoing mail

To create an auto-bcc rule for a user execute the following commands from command line prompt.

  1. SSH to the Zimbra server and login to Zimbra as a super admin user
# su zimbra

  1. Go to the conf folder using the following command
$ cd /opt/zimbra/conf
  1.  Confirm the folder location using the below command
$ pwd
  1.  Open to edit the sender_bcc file and enter the primary email id and Vaultastic id of a user as shown in the example below
$ vi sender_bcc
:save and quit
  1. Reload Zimbra using the following command 
$ postconf -e 'sender_bcc_maps = hash:/opt/zimbra/conf/sender_bcc'
$ postfix reload