Submit a data migration request

 Steps to submit a request

  1. Login to the LegacyFlo application.
  2. From the menu bar at the top, click on Add.
  3. On the left pane, give a suitable Title to the Request.
  4. Select the Request Type from the list of supported types.
  5. Depending on the Request Type selected, an input form will be displayed. Fill in the Source and Destination Information.
  6. When the source is an IMAP account, you can filter the data to be migrated using the following parameters: 
    • Date range using the Since and Before Dates
    • Source Folder 
    Migrating a folder? Note the following points:
    1. To migrate data from a specific folder specify exact folder name or path. Use "/" slash as a separator. For example, gmail-imap-4oct. meetings/jun 2019
    2. In case the source server is a SkyConnect or Vaultastic server, add prefix INBOX and . (dot) as a folder separator. For example, INBOX.meetings, 
    3. In case if Source and Destination server is Vaultastic, use the port 3817 for connection.
    4. Folder name should not contain characters pipe (|) and double quote (") in it.
    5. The contents of the folder and all it's sub-folders will be synced. 
  7. The job will be added to the list. The newly added request will automatically enter the Pending state. To verify the input or start the execution, refer to; Verify Request Parameters Start Execution.

Different request types supported

The different request types supported as are per the table below:

PST or


To migrate data stored in PST files to SkyConnect or Vaultastic

EML or


To migrate data stored in EML files to SkyConnect or Vaultastic



To migrate data from MBOX files to SkyConnect or Vaultastic



To migrate data using IMAP protocol from any mail server to SkyConnect or Vaultastic

O365IMAP or


To migrate data using the O365 IMAP protocol to SkyConnect or Vaultastic



To migrate data using the GSuite IMAP protocol to SkyConnect or Vaultastic



To migrate data using the MS Exchange IMAP protocol to SkyConnect or Vaultastic
O365-GMAIL-IMAP To migrate data from O365 to GSuite using the IMAP protocol
GMAIL-O365-IMAP To migrate data from GSuite to O365 using the IMAP protocol
YAHOO-O365-IMAP To migrate data from Yahoo to O365 using the IMAP protocol
YAHOO-GMAIL-IMAP To migrate data from Yahoo to GSuite using the IMAP protocol
YAHOO-OTHER-IMAP To migrate data from Yahoo to another IMAP server
GMAIL-S3-ZIP To backup data from a GMail account to S3
O365-S3-ZIP To backup data from O365 account to S3
YAHOO-S3-ZIP To backup data from Yahoo account to S3
MITHI-S3-ZIP To backup data from SkyConnect/Vaultastic account to S3