Tutorial Videos


Introduction to Vaultastic

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1Getting started with Vaultastic for Microsoft 365
2Introduction to Vaultastic for Microsoft 3651.12
3Introduction to the Vaultastic Stores2.23
4Introduction to the Vaultastic Active Store2.09
5Introduction to the Vaultastic Open Store2.58

Uploading data to the Vaultastic Active Store

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1Introduction to Microsoft 365 Journaling to upload email data to Vaultastic Active Store0.54
2Step 1 - Enable send connect for journal rules on  Microsoft 365 3.03
3Step 2 - Configure NDR for journal rules on Microsoft 365 1.32
4Step 3 - Configure journal rules on Microsoft 365 2.51

Uploading data to the Vaultastic Open Store

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1Introduction to the process of uploading mailbox and drive data using LegacyFlo
2Generate access credentials to the Microsoft Graph API
3Delegate mailbox and drive access1.08
4Use LegacyFlo to upload data from mailboxes or drives3.02

Data Life Cycle Management

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1Automatic data movement from Active to Open Store1.48
2Activate email data - copy from Open to Active Store1.28
3Activate email data - copy from Active to Live Store1.56
4Copy data from Open to Private Store1.32

User Guide (eDiscovery Application on the Vaultastic Active Store)

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1How to login to a Vault?Click here

How to search through Vaults?

Click here

Admin Panel Guide 

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1How to provision Vaults manually one by one?Click here
2How to create vaults in bulk by importing a CSV file?Click here
3How to enable automatic vault creation property?Click here
4How to manage users' access to their Vaultastic accounts?Click here
5How to secure Vaultastic account using application feature access?Click here
6How to secure Vaultastic account using access using Account Lockout?Click here
7How to secure Vaultastic account using access using Password-Policies?Click here
8How to enable disable the Captcha on the login page of Vaultastic domain?Click here
10How to unlock a locked account in Vaultastic?Click here
11How to restore a mailbox using Vaultastic?Click here