Tutorial Videos


User Guide (Vaultastic V4)

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1How to login to a Vault?Click here

How to search through Vaults?

Click here
3How to get more out of search results in Vaultastic?Click here

Admin Guide (Vaultastic V4)

Admin Panel

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1How to provision Vaults manually one by one?Click here
2How to create vaults in bulk by importing a CSV file?Click here
3How to enable automatic vault creation property?Click here
4How to manage users' access to their Vaultastic accounts?Click here
5How to secure Vaultastic account using application feature access?Click here
6How to secure Vaultastic account using access using Account Lockout?Click here
7How to secure Vaultastic account using access using Password-Policies?Click here
8How to enable disable the Captcha on the login page of vaultastic domain?Click here
9How to configure reports in Vaultastic?Click here
10How to unlock a locked account in Vaultastic?Click here
11How to restore a mailbox using Vaultastic?Click here

Storage Management

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1How to move data from Active to Inactive store?Click here
2How to move data from Inactive to Active store?Click here

Inactive Storage App Guide

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1Understanding user interface of Inactive Storage appClick here
2Using the Inactive Storage appClick here

Vaultastic Usage Dashboard

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1Using the Vaultastic usage dashboardClick here

Configuring Primary domain

Google Workspace (Formerly known as GSuite)

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1Step 1: Adding an SMTP route on Google Workspace to route mail to Vaultastic Click here
2Step 2: Create a group of users on Google Workspace Click here
3Step 3: Configuring  Sending and Receiving Mail Routing Rule for Users of a Domain Hosted on Google Workspace Click here


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1Step 1: Define an SMTP Connector to route mail from Office 365 to Vaultastic Click here
2Step 2: Define a recipient for Non-Delivery Reports Click here
3Step 3: Configuring a journal rule in Office 365  Click here