Exporting Notes


You can use Ideolve to export the note, its comments, and attachments in a single zip. The exported file will contain the note and its content in HTML format and also the files attached to the note or comments.

To export the note, its comments and all attached files in a zip file, do the following:

  1. Select the note. 
  2. The note contents will be displayed in the Note view. From the drop-down menu of the Note Header, select Export.
  3. Ideolve will export the note and display a download icon in the note header. ‚Äč
  • Note: Depending on the size of the note and its comments and number and size of attachments in the note and comments, the export may take some time.
  1. The download icon will appear when the download is complete.
  2. Clicking the download icon will download a note folder in zip format. This folder will contain the note in HTML format and all the files attached to the note.