Product Specifications

Inbound & Outbound Protection for ClrStream Basic & Continuity 


Support for Multiple domains in a single organization

Spam Protection

  • 99.9% spam detection
  • 0.003% false positives
  • Reputation based scanning

Virus Protection

  • 100% virus protection guarantee

Ransomware and malware protection

  • 100% malware protection
DDOS protection

DLP - Inbound protection

  • Tag, encrypt, auto notification or auto bcc for all or selected recipients of domain.

DLP - Outbound protection

  • Tag, encrypt, auto notification or auto bcc for for all or selected senders of domain.
  • Tag, encrypt, auto notification or auto bcc for mail having aadhar, banking or financial info, cardholder info, healthcare info, mobile numbers, PAN numbers, passport number, personally identifiable info, Postal Index number or Vehicle registration number content.
Facility to trace incoming and outgoing mail
Quarantine management

End user spam digests

  • Daily digests
  • Release mail from quarantine
  • Whitelist ids


DLP -  Mail policies for all mail

  • allow or deny mail flow based on mail size, attachment size, attachment count, attachment type, sender, recipients

Auto forwarding

  • forward incoming and outgoing mail

Single Instance Storage for Attachments (SISA)

  • Automatically replace attachments in a mail by a link to a safe store
Email archive to Vaultastic

SkyConnect Mail box access for ClrSteam Continuity

Support for multiple domains
Role based administration
Provision usersaliases and group ids
Provision users one at a time or in bulk
Web based access for end users on SkyConnect
No support for IMAP, POP based desktop and mobile clients
No support for chat, calendar, tasks
Easy to to use web client with support for most popular desktop browsers and mobile browsers
7 days retention of inbound and outbound mail