Ideolve Concepts


In Ideolve, each organization has a single account.

To sign up for your organization's Ideolve account, use an email id that will be the admin id for your Ideolve account. We recommend using a standard id such as it@yourdomain or a group id on your domain.

To sign up for your organization, sign up using the admin id from


Within an organization, you can have one or more workspaces. Workspace creation can be restricted to the Ideolve admin or be allowed to more users.

To control workspace creation, the Ideolve admin will choose the necessary Organization Controls.

Workspaces are shared spaces where users can collaborate. Workspaces names can be the organization, departments, or projects. 

Workspace owners invite others to join the workspace. Department workspaces should have only people in the department.

Project workspaces should have all people within and outside the organization who need to collaborate on the project.

By default, everyone invited to a workspace can create a note within the workspace or comment on notes shared with them. However, the workspace owners can adjust the workspace level controls.


Each user invited on Ideolve has to accept their invitations to join a workspace.


Once they are Ideolve users, they get a personal workspace called My Space.

They can create personal notes within this workspace and share with users on shared Workspaces to which they belong.


Each note owner can attach one or more documents to a note.

There are multiple ways to attach either as part of the note or comments posted to the note.

Users with whom notes have been shared can also upload documents to comments.

Publishing notes

An Ideolve user who has been invited to a workspace can collaborate on the note

To make the note content available to people not on Ideolve, you can publish the note. Once published, a link to note is created that is sent via email or other communication channels.

The security of the published note content is controlled using the Note controls.