Product Specifications

Product Suite

Active and Inactive Stores to manage costs
Archival to the Active Store for live mail flow 
Upload Historical data to Active or Inactive Store
Cloud Storage for Active and Inactive Stores
Centralized Administration
eDiscovery in the Active Store 
Inactive Storage App to browser through the store
Usage dashboards


24/7 email and telephonic support
Onboarding consultations
Easy to use data migration tools
Data residency regions
99.9% uptime guaranties

Vaultastic Security Shield

TLS server to server encryption
Encryption at rest
Secure access protocols 
Forgot pass application with OTP support
Role based administration

99.999999999% (11 9's) of data durability

Controlled access to data in Active and Inactive Stores

Specifications of the vaults on the Active Store

Live Mail Archiving

Upload Historical Mail 
Secure access via popular web browsers
No limits on Vault sizes
Can hold mail for multiple users
Customizable retention policies

Live mail archiving to the Active Store support for:

MS Exchange
Office 365
Lotus Domino
Postfix Email Server
Amazon Workmail

SkyConnect or ConnectXf


Historical Mail Data Upload to the Active Store

From PST, EML & Mbox data files via LegacyFlo 
From IMAP accounts via LegacyFlo
From Inactive storage via LegacyFlo

Historical Mail Data Upload to the Inactive Store

From PST, EML & Mbox data files via LegacyFlo 
From IMAP accounts via LegacyFlo
From Active storage via LegacyFlo


Provisioning vaults on the Active Store

Provision vaults manually
Provision vaults in bulk
Configure automatic vault provisioning

Vault Management  on the Active Store

Manage user's access to their vaults on the Active Store
Access control to vaults using the eDiscovery view
Reset password for vault acess
Secure vault access using Password Policies
Secure vault access using Account Lockout
Control access to forwarding and downloading features

EDiscovery Access for the Active Store

Search through a vault
Search across vaults
Save searches
Download summary of search results
Export search results
Upload search results to Ideolve
Reply, Reply All or Forward mail
Download and export selected mail

Inactive Storage Application

Upload data files
Download data files
Search for files