Product Specifications

Product Suite

Cloud Storage
Access across devices
Centralized administration
Email archiving with Vaultastic
Advance integrations with enterprise systems
Co-existence solutions
Inbound and Outbound mail protection using SecureMailFlow


24/7 email and telephonic support
On-boarding consultations
Easy to use data migration tools
Data residency regions
99.9% up-time guarantees

SkyConnect Security Shield (across all applications)

S/MIME Encryption
TLS server to server encryption
Secure access protocols 
Forgot pass application with OTP support
Secure access via password policiesaccount lockout, Captcha for web client login page

Email application Specifications


Secure and easy to use web client accessible from all popular browsers and various devices
Secure IMAP and POP access from Desktop and Mobile clients

Email application security


Support for Multiple domains in a single organization

Spam Protection

  • 99.9% spam detection
  • 0.003% false positives
  • Reputation based scanning

Virus Protection

  • 100% virus protection guarantee

Ransomware and malware protection

  • 100% malware protection
DDOS protection

DLP - Inbound protection

  • Tag, encrypt, auto notification or auto bcc for all or selected recipients of domain.
Facility to trace incoming and outgoing mail
Quarantine management

End user spam digests

  • Daily digests
  • Release mail from quarantine
  • Whitelist ids


Email archival using Vaultastic
DLP using advance mail policies
Access control for POP, IMAP

Application features

Distribution Lists
Cloud Storage management
Quarantine management
Role based administration
Vacation replies
Threaded conversations
Powerful Search

Web client features

Inline attachment viewing

Canned responses
Local language support
Responsive UI - desktop and mobile browser support
Tight integration with calendar, tasks, setting and contact applications

Usage Limits

Max mailbox size1000000 mail or 25 GB 
Message size30 MB
Attachment size10 MB
Number of Attachments15
Recipients per message200
Total messages per day
(from 00:00 mid-night to 23:59 server time)
Normal Users: 500*
Power Users: 5000*
Total recipients per day
(from 00:00 mid-night to 23:59 server time)
Normal Users: 1500*
Power Users: 15000*
Max number of power users per organization3
Queue lifetime for external mail2 days
Mail lifetime in quarantine15 days
POP download limit30 days
Data transfer using IMAP per user per day
(from  00:00 mid-night to 23:59 server time)
2.5GB *
Data download using POP per user per day
(from  00:00 mid-night to 23:59 server time)
2.5GB *

*Continued data transfers over the specified limits will cause the access to the services to be automatically disabled.

Contacts Application Specifications


Access using web client supporting all popular browsers and various devices
Secure LDAP connection

Application security

Secure access using the LDAP protocol 
Secure web client access


Global Address book
Auto-lookup from integrated applications

Web client features

Global Address books
Personal Address books
Distribution lists
Personal Groups
Automatic collection of email addresses

Calendar Application Specification


Access using web client supporting all of the popular browsers and various devices
Secure access using CalDav


Calendar management - add / delete calendars
Calendar sync across devices
Calendar invites to domain and external users
Calendar Sharing & subscription
Export calendar data

Web client features

Schedule meetings & events

Share and subscribe to calendars

Calendar invites
Export calendar data

Chat application specifications


XMPP clients


P2P chat
Auto chat transcripts to email