About Secure Mail Flow service in SkyConnect


The SecureMailFlow service in ClrStream and SkyConnect is designed to protect your inbox from spam and virus mails. It also helps prevent your recipients from receiving spam or virus mail, which you may send inadvertently.

The SecureMailFlow service offers a guarantee on the following (based on a back to back guarantee from Mithi's vendor of email security).

  • Spam protection:Guaranteed 99.9% spam detection
  • Virus protection:Guaranteed 0 email viruses will pass through
  • False positives:Guaranteed less than 0.003% false positive rate.

This service sits in the inbound and outbound mail flow path and ensure that every mail which you receive from the Internet is scanned for spam and virus. Any mail detected as a spam/virus as per the rules and policies defined in the SecureMailFlow service, is either rejected or quarantined into a separate storage per domain.

The SecureMailFlow service is an integral part of the SkyConnect and ClrStream services for all our customers and is configured to scan all inbound mail and outbound mail.

Note: Your domains will be configured on the Secure Mail flow service when you sign up for a domain on SkyConnect or ClrStream. 


Working of the Inbound Mail flow

The MX pointers your domains will point to the SecureMailFlow servers, such that all inbound mail traffic (from Internet) for the domains lands on these servers. After determining the reputation and technical cleanliness of the source of connection for the mail, these servers first scan the mail for containing any virus. If the mail contains a virus, it is simply quarantined, with no further scanning. This action applies (overrules) even if the sender is whitelisted. Once the mail passes the virus stage, and the sender is not whitelisted or blacklisted, it's content and attachments are scanned for objectionable "patterns" and if found, the mail is marked as a spam and quarantined.