As Ideolve is used for team collaboration, more and more valuable information is collected.  This information can be easily accessed using the powerful search in Ideolve.

Search across notes

  1. Click on the Note filter on top of the list view
  2. From the drop-down list, select All NotesAll My NotesMy Space or a workspace
  3. All the notes from the selected option will display
  4. Above the Note filter is the Search Box. Enter your search criteria here:
    1. To search for notes or comments authored by someone, type @ followed by the user name
    2. To search for tagged notes, type # followed by the tag name
    3. To search for keywords, enter the keywords
    4. To search for strings, enter the string in double-quotes (")
    5. The search can be a combination of one or more of the search criteria mentioned here
  5. Press the Enter key or click on the Search icon to execute the search. The search results will be shown in the note list and will be within the filter applied
  6. To sort by date, where the latest notes satisfying the search criteria are on top, click on the time icon
  7. To sort by relevance, click on the relevance icon

Search within a note

Search for keywords

  1. Select the note from the note list
  2. The note content will be displayed in the note view
  3. Click on the Search icon in the Note header
  4. Enter the string to be searched and press the Enter key
  5. The list will show all occurrences of the keyword in the note or comments.
  6. To filter the search result,
    1. Select the element of the note viz Comments, Attachments, Note content
    2. Select the author of the note element viz Comments, Attachments, Note content
  7. Clicking on a search result will scroll the note view to the note or comment.

Search based on activity

To narrow down the search based on activity

  1. Select the note from the note list
  2. The note content will be displayed in the note view
  3. Select the Note activity icon in the Note header
  4. By default, you will see a list of All the note activities. Note activities can be filtered on the type of activity and the author
    1. To select an activity type, select one from the drop-down list next to All
    2. To select an author, select one from the drop-down list next to Everyone

Note: You can combine the keyword and activity-based search.

For example, if you want to search for a comment posted by Sunil with the keyword Ideolve, then

  1. First search for the keyword Ideolve
  2. Then filter the search results by choosing activity type Comment and author Sunil