User Guide

The user's guide to using the self service portal of Vaultastic.


Login to the Vaultastic Application
To login to the Vaultastic application, follow the steps given below. Enter the URL  https:// {Domain-name} /  in the browser address bar, replacing domain name with your domain. For example, if your primar...
Reset your Vault password
Steps to reset the password of your Vault On the login page of your Vaultastic domain, click the Forgot Password link. Provide your Vault Id. Enter the Captcha text shown to prove that you are not a ro...
Use the archive view
Note:  The Archive view is available only for the users of Vaultastic Version 3. This view has been deprecated from Vaultastic Version 4. 1. Access the Archive view To access the Archive view of the Self Service Por...
Searching through Vaults
  The Vaultastic Application Interface Vaultastic Version 4 The Vaultastic Application is accessible to users logging into Vaultastic using a Vault ID. The Vaultastic Application is divided into three panes. The lef...
Compliance monitoring with Vaultastic
Ensure regular compliance monitoring with periodic routines to detect violations and review with compliance officers.