Search for a migration request

Using Search

Using the Search option, you can search for requests specifying the Request Type, the state, and the date of submission.

1. Login to the LegacyFlo application

2. Click on Search in the top menu.

3. To search by the Request Type, select the suitable option from the drop-down list.

4. To search by the request status, select the suitable option from the drop-down list. 

5. To search for all requests created on a certain date, select the date.

6. Click the Go button to execute the search. All requests matching the search criteria will be displayed.

7. Click the Reset button to clear the search criteria and to see all the requests.

Bulk operations 

Select List from the menu on the left. Search for requests. Search results will be displayed in the right pane.

1. To verify or start all listed requests, click on the menu on the top right corner and select the operation to be performed. Jobs in the pending, failed, invalid, valid states can be verified or started.

2. To restart all listed failed jobs, search for all Failed requests. You can now Verify all or Start all these jobs using the operation in the menu in the top right corner. 

3. To delete all listed pending, failed, invalid, valid, processed, select the Delete all option from the menu on the top right corner.

Note: If the search results span more than one page, the bulk operations have to be performed on all the pages.