Create a Google Workspace group of users to enable email archiving to Vaultastic


Create a Google Workspace group and add users whose email needs to be archived to Vaultastic. Please ensure all these users have been provisioned on the corresponding Vaultastic domain.

If you add a user who does not have a corresponding id on the Vaultastic domain, email messages sent to or received from that user may not be archived on the Vaultastic domain.

Steps to create a Google workspace group

Navigate to the Google Workspace Admin Console

In the Directory section, select Groups

Click on Create group

In the pop-up,

  • Give an appropriate name to the group
  • Define the group id and give the description.
  • Assign an owner to the group
  • This group will be used for Mailing purposes, so the default Labels are sufficient.
  • Click Next

Make the group Public

Only invited users can join the group

Do not Allow members outside your organization


Select Add members to the Group

In the Pop-up, define the group membership