Create a Google Workspace group of users to enable email archiving to Vaultastic


Create a Google Workspace group and add users whose email needs to be archived to Vaultastic. Please ensure all these users have been provisioned on the corresponding Vaultastic domain.

If you add a user who does not have a corresponding id on the Vaultastic domain, email messages sent to or received from that user may not be archived on the Vaultastic domain.

Steps to create a Google workspace group

  1. Go to the Home screen of the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Admin Console. Click the Groups option. You can drag and drop the Groups icon in the dashboard for easy access.
  2. Create a Group of users on your domain hosted on Google Workspace.
  3. Give a Name to the group
    • Set an owner and an Email Address to the group
    • Control the access to the group.
    • Create the group with the details provided
  4. Add members to the newly created group
    • You can add members to the group either one by one by providing an email address
    • You can upload CSV to add members in bulk
    • You can go to the Advanced settings and choose the option to add all current and future users to the group
  5. Click ADD TO GROUP to finish adding members to the group

Tutorial Video