Choosing the editor on the Compose & Signature pages


SkyConnect admins can now choose the editor in the web client. There are two options available, TinyMCE and Froala. The existing and default is the TinyMCE editor. You can choose to use the Froala for features such as better handling of cut/paste tables from other sources such as spreadsheets.

The table below gives the key differences between the two editors.

Feature comparison between TinyMCE and Froala editor

TinyMCE Froala
Editor Plain Text / HTML Y Y
HTML Editor Text Style (Bold, Italics, Underlined) Y Y
Text Alignment (Left, Right, Center, Justify) Y Y
Bullets and Numbering Y Y
Indent Y Y
Paragraph Format Paragraph Heading Style N Y
Paragraph Style N Y
Line Height Spacing N Y
Indent Text N Y
Block Quote Y Y
Writing direction (Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right) Y N
Text Color Y Y
Text Background color Y Y
Font Family Y Y
Font size Y Y
More Font Properties
Strike-through N Y
Subscript N Y
Superscript N Y
Text Inline Class N Y
Insert table Y Y
Format Table Delete Table Y Y
Format Table Properties Y Y
Insert/ Delete table Rows/ Columns Y Y
Quick insert
Emoticons Y Y
Special characters Y Y
Image Y Y
Media Y Y
Add/Remove Hyperlink Y Y
Horizontal Line N Y
Action Items
Undo / Redo Y Y
Full-screen N Y
Download PDF N Y
Select All N Y
View/ Edit source code Y Y
Find replace text Y N
Spell Check Y N
Retain formatting when Copy-Paste from Office file N Y

Domain level settings

To choose the editor for your mail client Baya V4,

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel using an email id with Admin Role
  2. Select the Domain from the left pane
  3. Expand the Mail Client BayaV4 Editor section in the right pane
  4. Choose the editor. 

Note: On changing the editor, the new editor will be updated on the Compose and Signature pages. This is a domain-level setting and will impact all users of your domain.