Step 3: Integrate with your setup


Once your domain and users are provisioned on SkyConnect, its time to test the system from your environment. In this phase, you will also configure the system to integrate tightly with your setup. 

1. Confirm web client and desktop access from your offices

Create a couple of test ids with the Class of Service as SkyConnect user. Access the newly created test id on your SkyConnect domain and test the applications (Email, Contacts, Calendar and Chat) using the web client, desktop and mobile clients.
If you have problems accessing the accounts and applications, update your firewalls to allow access as per the table below.

Note: If you test using an existing id which is hosted on your existing mail server, mail received or sent using this id will be delivered to the existing mail server.

Note: Access to the SkyConnect servers can be configured over a VPN. Contact Mithi Customer Care for details.

2. Confirm compatibility with browser and desktop/mobile applications

Using the reference links below decide on the desktop/mobile and web access mix for your users.

3. Co-existence setup

SkyConnect domains can be configured to co-exists with domains on O365.  For details, refer to Co-existence setup with O365

4. Integration with in-house application servers such as SAP, HRMS, ERP etc

If your applications have been configured to route outgoing mail with your existing mail servers and post migration these mails should be delivered via SkyConnect, you will have to re-configure the applications for the SkyConnect servers. 

The table below lists the tasks to be done by you and the phase in which they can be done.  
NOTE: Do the following for each application server.
Share the
a. IP address(s) or host names of the application servers 
b. Sender id
c. Average number of mails sent per day.
The deployment team at Mithi will use this to can:
a. Update the Secure Mail flow servers to accept mail from these hosts or IPs
b. Whitelist the sender id
c. Configure the mail host for your domain to accept mail from these hosts or IPs
Pre Go live
Update the DNS records of the domain to add SPF records with the IP address or range of the application server.
This is necessary as the security shield of SkyConnect will not accept any mails from servers not present in the SPF.
Pre Go live

Get the host / IP address and port number on which your application will deliver mail using secure SMTP from Mithi Customer Care.

Update your corporate firewalls and the security groups of your application servers to allow mail from your application to the given host and port.

Pre Go live
4 On the application server(s), change the routing of outgoing mail to route mail to the mail host for your domain (the IP and port received in step 3 above).  Go live