Admin Guide

Learn how to Get Started with Vaultastic and how to use the Admin Panel to configure your domain.

Get Started

Learn how to get started with information archival and management on Vaultastic in simple steps.

Vaultastic Stores

Storage Management in Vaultastic using the Live, Active and Open Stores

Admin Panel for vault management on the Active Store

Configure your domain and user properties using the Admin Panel

Journal/copy live mail from Primary mail server to Active Store

Configure your primary email server to archive live mail

Open Store Application Guide

Learn how to access the Vaultastic Open Storage via the application. The Vaultastic Open Store is an endless, secure, and durable file repository to preserve your business-critical data.

Vaultastic Dashboards

Know how to use the Vaultastic Dashboards

Use Cases

Vaultastic Use Cases


This category contains the solutions for archival for different data sources.


Frequently asked questions on using Vaultastic.


Accessing LegacyFlo and Ideolve
Overview As an Vaultastic Administrator, you often need to access LegacyFlo and Ideolve. LegacyFlo is required to injest data from different sources to the Vaultastic Stores and Ideolve is required to activate data in focus for secure collaboratio...