Downloading data from Vaultastic

Note: The Vaultastic Inactive Store will henceforth be called the Vaultastic Open Store. During the transition, you will find references for both names within the documentation and other communications.


The ways of downloading data from the Vaultasic Active and Open Stores are depicted here

downloading data from the Vaultasic Active and Open Stores

Downloading from the Active Store

Retrieving one mail at a time

Single mail can be downloaded or forwarded using the Archive or the eDiscovery view by end users logging into their vaults

Retrieving mail in bulk

For bulk retrieval, there are three options available

  1. Using the export feature of the eDiscovery interface of Vaultastic
  2. Using the export function from the Vaultastic Admin Panel
  3. Using LegacyFlo service to extract data to S3

The comparison between these 3 options is as given below:

eDiscovery in VaultasticVaultastic Admin PanelLegacyFlo
Access to the featureAvailable to all users in Vaultastic via the eDiscovery interfaceAvailable to all domain administrators via Admin panel

Available to the administrators of the organization using Legacyflo VAULTASTIC4-S3-PST or VAULTASTIC4-S3-ZIP requests.

Output formatEML or PST filesEML or PST files


  • The search results are exported.
  • Depending on the search, the contents can be across folders.
  • Depending on the user access the content can be across vaults.
  • The contents of a single vault can be exported at a time.
  • To download from multiple vaults, multiple requests will have to be submitted.
  • The content of a single vault is exported with a single LegacyFlo request.  
  • To download from multiple vaults, multiple requests will have to be submitted.
  • Can export entire vault content or narrow down by specifying date range and source folder.
Mail Size LimitsIf the search results contain mail  greater than10MB, they will be skippedNo limits on mail sizeNo limits on mail size
Export size limit

Vaultastic Version 3: 5 GB

Vaultastic Version 4: 50 GB

The export is not allowed if the search result size is more than the max allowed size

50 GB

50 GB
File size limitConfigurable.
If the total export is greater than the max size, multiple  files are created
If the total export is greater than the max size, multiple  files are created
A single file will be created
Access to the exported contentThe links to exported content are shared via email. The links are valid for 7 days.The links to exported content are shared via email. The links are valid for 7 days.The exported content is created in an S3 bucket in your account and can be downloaded using a tool such as S3browser.
Monitoring (For long-running jobs)Not AvailableNot availableAvailable via LegacyFlo interface
CostAs per LegacyFlo exportAs per LegacyFlo exportAs per LegacyFlo backup to S3 cost
Best suited forVaultastic end users, wanting to retrieve a few emails found using the eDiscovery interfaceFor admins, who want to export vault contents whose size is less than 50GBFor Admins, wanting to retrieve entire vault contents or a large number of emails.
Approximate speed1GB/hour1 GB/hour1 GB/hr

Downloading from the Open Store

There are multiple ways to download data from the Open Store using the Vaultastic Open Store App, a third party tool such as the S3browser or using the AWS Snowball device.

The choice depends on the volume of data to be download. The table below gives the details of each method.


Best Suited for

Factors determining the time for download

Vaultastic Open Storage Application
To know more about how to use the application, click here.
Downloading individual files from the Open StoreDepending on the last mile connectivity
S3 browser
To know how to access the Open Store using the S3 browser, click here.
Downloading more than one file. Suitable when the total size of the data to be downloaded does not exceed 8-10TB.Depending on the last mile connectivity
AWS Snowball
To know more about the AWS snowball, click here.
For bulk download of a large volume of data.Depends on snowball availability and the volume of data to be transferred