Phone Support Policy


Mithi has introduced a central customer care number to make it easy when you need to speak with our engineers.

Before you call

Have questions or need to report an issue with a Mithi product or service? We've got you covered.

However, before you pick up the phone to speak with one of our executives, please follow these steps:

  1. Please browse our extensive Documentation and Troubleshooting knowledge base for a quicker resolution of your issues.

  2. Ensure you have logged a ticket via your Mithi account and interact with the Mithi engineer attending to your request.

  3. If your issue remains unresolved, or you need more clarity or would like to speak to an engineer, please call with your ticket number handy.

Where to call?

You can call on any of the following two central customer care numbers.

+91 20 71966703

+91 20 67265882

Note: Carrier charges may apply.

What departments can you reach via the phone?

To help you reach the most relevant person for your issue, query, or concern, you are routed to an IVR when you call our central helpline. The IVR guides you to speak to an agent in one of the following departments:




To answer queries related to subscription or account renewal, license application, invoices, payments, and more.


To get specific help on an ongoing ticket, you have raised.


To discuss specifics, share a concern, or raise an issue about an ongoing deployment


To discuss specifics, share a concern, or raise an issue about an ongoing reconfiguration project (where your existing setup is changing)

What are the Business hours for each department?





Monday – Friday (except public holidays)

9 AM to 6 PM


All days

24 hours


Monday – Friday (except public holidays)

8 AM to 8 PM


Monday – Friday (except public holidays)

8 AM to 8 PM

Web meetings for deep dives

Sometimes it may be necessary to get on a call longer than a few minutes to dive deeper into an issue, discuss a project or migration plan, or conduct training.

Typically, our agents schedule an online web meeting for such discussions. Our agents/engineers may use Zoom, Google Meets, or Goto Meeting for these interactions.


What are the benefits of this new system to the customer?

  1. The customer has a single number to speak to any member of the Customer Care team, vastly simplifying the experience.

  2. The IVR workflow guides you to the next available agent, again improving productivity for our customers.

  3. All calls are recorded and attached to the appropriate tickets in the customer account for improved internal visibility, quality, and training purposes.

  4. You can leave a voice message if you cannot reach any agent/engineer, and our team responds as soon as possible.

What should I do when no agent is available to take my call?

You may not be able to reach our engineers if

  • All engineers are busy serving other customers

  • You called a department outside of business hours

  • For any other reason

In this case, the IVR system on the central helpline guides you to leave a voice message. All voice messages get recorded as tickets in our helpdesk platform for improved visibility internally.

In your voice message, kindly speak out the following:

  1. Your name

  2. Your Company's name

  3. Share your mobile or direct contact number.

  4. The Ticket number.

  5. State your query or concern.

What happens when I call the older numbers of the Mithi Support team?

During the transition to the new voice support system, those phones remain active; however, those numbers are routed to the central helpline and subsequently discontinued once the rollout completes.