Step 5: Enable journaling for specific users in Exchange 2013

  1. Create a Distribution Group
  2. Enable Journaling for all users

A. Create a Distribution Group

Use the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) to create a distribution group

  1. In the EAC, navigate to Recipients > Groups.

  2. Click New > Distribution group.

  3. On the New distribution group page, complete the following boxes:

    • – Display name Use this box to type the display name.

    • – Alias Use this box to type the name of the alias for the group.

    • – Description Describe the group

    • – Organizational unit Select an organizational unit (OU) if other than default.

      To select a different OU, click Browse. The dialog box displays all OUs in the forest that are within the specified scope. Select the OU
      you want, and then click OK.

    • – Owners By default, the person who creates a group is the owner. All groups must have at least one
      owner. You can add owners by clicking Add .

    • – Members Use this section to add members

      To add members to the group, click Add. When you’ve finished adding members, click OK to return to
      the New distribution group page.

  4. When you’ve finished, click Save to create the distribution group.

Please see the following article if you have questions creating a distribution group:

B. Enable Journaling for the Distribution Group

  1. Navigate to https://[exchange ipaddress]/ecp and logon to the Exchange Control Panel

  2. From the Exchange Admin Center

  3. Click compliance management in left menu

  4. Click journal rules in top right menu

  5. Click the + icon

  6. Create a journaling rule based on the distribution group created earlier or a specific user:

    • Select A specific user or group… from the If the message is sent to or received from… drop down menu.

    • Select a distribution group or specific user, and then click Add.

  7. Click OK. The new journal rule window displays, listing the selected group or user.

  8. Select All Messages from the Journal the following messages… drop down menu:

  9. Enter the journaling contact email address journal@{Vaultastic domain-name} [For example:] in the Send Journal reports to: field.

  10. Click Save.

  11. On message window Do you want this rule to apply to all future messages, click Yes.