Submit multiple requests

Steps to submit multiple requests

  • Login to the LegacyFlo application.
  • From the top left corner of the Home Screen, click on Add Request
  • Select Add Multiple Requests
  • In the popup, select the category from the selection on the left. The right side of the pop-up will list all the request types for the category.
  • Select the request type by clicking on the radio button next to the request name. Click Continue
  • To create a CSV file with the definition of the requests, download the CSV sample file. Use the sample file to create the CSV.
    • Note: At a time, you can submit a maximum of 100 requests through one CSV.
  • Click Upload CSV File and choose the CSV
  • The contents of the CSV will be validated. 
  • If the CSV is invalid, you will be prompted with the errors. Remove the uploaded file and upload the corrected one.
  • If the CSV is valid, click Add Requests.
  • The new requests added will be displayed on the Home screen. 
  • The new requests will be in the Pending state. To verify or start all the requests, Search for the pending requests and access the Start All or Verify All options from the menu on the top right.
Note: If you have submitted more than 50 requests, then the Start All or Verify All options will have to be selected on all the pages showing the pending requests.