Release Notes

22nd Dec 2021


Enhanced editor in Baya

Experience the enhanced editor in Baya with improved editing features. Especially the copy/paste from other applications with tables/images etc.

26th Nov 2021

New Features

SkyConnect + Ideolve integration

Ideolve users can access their accounts from the Baya interface without providing credentials to the Ideolve login page.

Users have to configure a few settings in Baya. 

04th Oct 2021

New Features

Video conference using Zoom integrated with Baya

The Baya Zoom integration allows users to initiate and manage their zoom meetings from within the SkyConnect application. Using the integration, they can keep a track of all the meetings initiated by them, send email invites, update the participants list etc.

Past and upcoming zoom meetings will also be visible through the interface.

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15th Sep 2021

New Features

2 Factor Authentication for Baya V4 using the Google Authenticator

Domain Admins can now enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure access to users' accounts using the web client. Admins can control the feature at the domain or user level.

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27th Aug 2021

New Features

Mithi SkyConnect now has an upgraded Email Security Gateway (ESG) that runs on the SpamTitan platform.  

Besides rock-solid malware protection, SpamTitan improves your experience of managing email security with these new capabilities:

  • An improved Domain Management console giving you more control.
  • Blacklist and Whitelist control in your console, boosting productivity.
  • Export options for reports enabling offline analysis.
  • A more friendly and usable quarantine digest report, including outbound emails too.
  • More possibilities to automate routine tasks with their API.

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12th Mar 2020

New Features

The rollout of Baya4 - Insanely productive web UX 

More than 65% of our user base accesses their email account using Baya, Mithi's web client platform, and they are about to experience a significant burst in productivity. 

Baya4,  a significant upgrade to the web access platform on the cloud can make it even easier for your users to consume the collaboration applications viz. Email, Calendar, Chat, Tasks, and Contacts from multiple devices and form factors. 

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